Skye coffee & wine

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Skye cafe is one of the best cafe's you can visit in Tacloban City. The best part that sets this Cafe apart from it's competitors is that it is located at the roof deck of the Hotel Estrella.

It has a pretty decent over view of the city. You can choose to stay inside where it is air conditioned, or you can stay outside where it is open.

They have a very simple and delicious menu. But their main products are drinks, shakes, frappes, coffee, and of course wine.

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I like creamy coffee!

yes me too :)

very goood cafe. good photos nice 1.

maybe we should try this out prosperity. :)

you both should

Must try for thier drinks 😊

wow. I must try!

you really should :)

I wanna try their shakes!

they are really good :)

I love the s'mores cake hahaha

really? you should treat me then. :) hahaha

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