Medicine Student in our Family

in #life4 years ago

Hearing your name being called up to the pulpit gives chills to my body. As I see you walking towards the stage I see flashbacks from when we first walked into the gates of this school, nervous and afraid of what lays ahead. seeing you become so successful not just academically but also socially really brings me to tears. What a proud brother I'am. Now that you are finished with your senior year in High school, confident with the tools and skills acquired in our Alma Mater. I can safely say that you are more than ready to tackle your life in college as a Medtech student. Knowing you all my my life I'm confident that you will not only be good in college but you will be great in It. As you start on your journey, know that we all stand as a family and we will be together all throughout your ups and downs. I love you hannah and God Bless you

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Congratz! Upvoted and resteemed!

thank you sir :)

What a supportive brother you are.. Upvoted!

thank you maam :)

Congrats! Your family is obviously so proud of you. 😉

thank you maam :)


thank you kuya :)

Sweet and caring brother there. Thank you for sharing.

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