Kalanggaman Island Vlog

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Me and my Resto team went on a trip with our teacher after a long week of consecutive activities and functions. we treated ourselves with one night sleep over at this gorgeous island called Kalanggaman. It is a very popular destination nested in an island in front of Palompon Leyte. They now have a small tent within the Island selling beverages for when we came here before, it was really hard if you had forgotten to buy clean water or any types of beverages since it is a 45 min ride across the Island, and the boat that you are supposed to ride back does not come back until the next day if you paid for an overnight.

 Here I portrayed the process we had from preparing the food that we will be eating up to the whole trip until we reached the island. It was unfortunate I only had one battery at this time that's why I was not able to go around the Island and really film its beautiful scenery, and the best tool to really see the full potential of this island is with a drone in which I do not have so I just did my best in filming with what I had. Enjoy :)

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Wow ang sarap nang tubig!

clear blue waters..<3

I like Kalanggaman.. Nakarating na ako jan, pero parang gusto ko ulit bumalik dahil nakakaengganyo ang video mo 👏👏

heheh thank you maam :)

Maganda talaga diyan!

kaya nga teh. di nakakasawa balikan

Been there too.. super love ko an sandbar. Mapaso lan duro dida compare ha Canigao. 😎


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