Grillmore, Grill all you can

in #life4 years ago

This is the first time I have ever experienced eat all you can with a twist. Eat all you can buffets here in Tacloban are nothing out of the ordinary, except for this one. 

You get to choose from a variety of seafood and meat and grill them on your table. It is a first for me so It was a very exciting experience. But the best part was I get to experience it with my girlfriend and my brother (close friend) and his girlfriend.

I'm totally looking forward in going back to this restaurant. I invite you guys to try It, It is located at  Rosvenil Subdivision, Barangay Apitong. Tacloban City.

please follow me at @jonathan201 and leave a comment and upvote and i will surely do the same for you :)


Hmm looks yummy

Makapunta nga diyan. 😊

Bring your ate and bunso with you 😊

haha next time

Wonderful photography...

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