First Step in the Real World

in #life4 years ago

Time goes by fast when you really have something to accomplish. When i first started college I never expected what It would feel like to finally graduate, to finally take the first steps in real life. all I was focused on was finishing my degree and try to do any work as fast as possible. But as I continued on my college life It opened doors of opportunities that I was not able to see before. Words cannot describe my love and thanks to this following people in which without them my college life would have been much harder and much more longer. My gratitude, love and thanks for my Mom is through the roof. I thank God for giving me the best gift any Son could have in his/her lifetime. I love you sooo much ma, this is all for you.

To our one and only ate who have been with us through the ups and downs of our family, who have played a great role in guiding us in our teenage life. Words cannot express our love and thanks to you ate. Thank you for everything that you have sacrificed for us siblings. Now that we only have 1 sister who is in college let us continue to guide her and give her all the love and support. I love you ate

To my beloved sister. I'm so proud of how you have grown up from a cute little sister to this now mature and wise young lady. You have been a part of my everything from Elementary, Highschool and now College. We were inseparable. Now that I have finished my college I thank you so much for your undying support. Words cannot express how I appreciate you for everything that you do from little things like helping pack my things whenever I'm leaving to giving me heartily advice that really hits me everytime. I love you hannah

To the girl whom I spend my college life with. words cannot express how lucky I'am to have met you in my life. Even when you are already leaving for canada you still found a way to go home to attend my graduation. You have been a big part of my college life and gave me inspiration everyday. Now that we will both tackle our careers for our future I would like to show you my love and gratitude with support and loyalty with the guidance of God Almighty. I love you dude

To my squad (missing one) who have been the great source of fun and happiness throughout my life in college. It brings me to tears watching how far our friendship had gone. We have done almost everything together, survived tough times and really proved the true worth of a true friend. I am proud that I have friends like you in my life. I love you all

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thank you maam :)

Congratulation.... There is a promising future a head of you just stay focused surely God will guide you every stem of the way. So happy of your achievements.

thank you ate :)

Congrats.. Nakakatua ang post and pics. mo.. 😍😀

Congratulations to you. 😊


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