A Trophy for your Hardwork

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This was my very first experience of a dance contest. For me this was my breakthrough, ever since I started dancing just for fun I had trouble dancing in front of people. Every time there is a person watching me I get very distracted and ending up making a fool of myself. But in this contest i had no choice, me and my friends auditioned to be part of the group and got in. Once we were in there was no turning back. We were representing more than just ourselves that's why I had to face my fears and really give it my all.

Although practices were hard and strict we still did not forget to have fun

When the time came to show all our hardwork, We gave it our all..

We got 2nd place overall out of 13 groups who joined the contest. It was really a true accomplishment 

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Congrats! You made it

Congratulations man,there's always a reward for hard work ....welldone.

thank you man, hard work really does pay off :)

Your so totoy here.. but well done 😊

gwapong totoy.. niyahaha

Congrats bro..keep it up..

thank you teh :)

congratulations :)

well done.. even i dont know how to dance ahaha so good for you guys.

thank you :), anybody can dance with practice..

Congrats kapatid! Ipagpatuloy ang magandang gawain.

thank you kuya :)

Uy! dancer ka ngean?..hehe nice one

haha, kanan school la

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