3rd Straight Gold

in #life4 years ago

When I auditioned to join the team when I was in 2nd year college I never expected what we were actually capable. Our team consisted of really good players both girls and boys. Our first gold was probably the hardest one because we had really good competition, Our 2nd and 3rd gold was a little bit easier because a lot of the good competition had already graduated.

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Wow congrats :)

thank you maam :)

Wow congrats 😊

thank you teh :)

Congrtas bro..Good job!

thank you po :)

job well done !! grats 👏👏

salamat po :)

Nice one bro.

thank you kuya :)

thank you bruh :)


thank you sir :)

Nice! Congrats! my sport is Lawn Tennis, but i love Table Tennis too!

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