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Proud in spanish


Pride is a characteristic of anyone, but as it can be a great quality, it can lead to losing many things, pride in large quantities affects in relationships with other people, including your way of seeing things, this can be controlled, but It must be with great willpower, and know with whom that pride can be lost.

Love and Proud

Many of us have seen complications due to having a lot of pride or fear of losing it, but it is not so relevant, because it is a whim of our subconscious that makes us come into conflict to do or say things, we ourselves create pride, because we feel in a way that we do not allow ourselves to decay in any case, and the frustration we feel at losing this calms us down.

pride can leave it aside, dignity should not be lost by anyone

Pride can make us toxic people, and codependents of pride, we are filled with what we even feel that nourishes us, but it is the fear of feeling inferior that makes the pride so toxic, we pretend never to do something wrong, and people are very proud always tend to face loneliness because of this, hurt people who are around, and away, and even stop doing things, simply because it is not in their ideology to aspire to do so.

Sometimes its hard to let go but it is necessary

Proud people are hard to cope with, if you meet a person like that, look for a way to make her come to her senses, she will have to admit that she is wrong, but the truth may be more than the reason, get comfort, and well-being with this kind of people help them to evolve and live more fully with their environment and with themselves.

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