Server Receives $15,000 Tip After Chatting With CEO Customer

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Johnson-Alexandre, a server at El Patron Restaurant and Cantina in Albuquerque, New Mexico received a $15,000 tip from a CEO Customer after they talked for a while at the end of one of his shifts.

"They were my last table. It was kind of slow. I sat with them the whole night and just talked with them. Really nice, genuine people," Johnson-Alexandre said.

He didn't even know that his customers were high rollers.

"He got up and was like, 'Your tip is going to look funny,' and so I was like, 'What do you mean, funny?' So he was like, 'Um, well, just get your manager.' So he was taking the steps to show that he was leaving a big tip," Johnson-Alexandre said.

"I teared up a little bit. I mean, it's life-changing," he said.

During their conversation he mentioned that it was his dream to coach football, but that he got sidetracked by life.

"I played college football, I played arena football, a lot of football. That's my life. It was my life. So I think that's what he was trying to get at. 'I want you to buy a car and go coach or do what you want to do,'" he said.

His boss isnt taking any chances though, and is waiting a full 30 days to process the check.


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