Loving the life of a digital nomad.

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I love hanging out in the vineyard, check out the grapes. This is one of the reason I love being a digital nomad. For every season there is a another place that fits perfectly somewhere on the planet.


So, are you interested in working where you want, when you want, and doing what you love to do? Come join our free meetup group, The International Digital Nomad Society. If unable to attend live, it will be broadcast on many platforms. but you still have to sign up to get the notifications.


If really interested in the DIGITAL NOMAD LIFESTYLE go to
https://sir-john-academy.thinkific.com and learn more about the courses taught through THE INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL NOMAD SOCIETY
also consider checking out and joining the PREMIUM SUBSCRIPTION SITE https://sir-john-academy.thinkific.com/bundles/the-digital-nomad-premium-membership


Thank you for being a big part of my life, my steemian friends

Johnny Ray
Founder of the international digital nomad society


Good to see that you are still out there somewhere! I love vineyards too!

yes, with so much to do, but loving it. Grapes are doing fantastic, should be a great harvest, and crazy good wine this year.

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