A photographer's cliché.

in life •  last year 

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Awesome i like this and I follow you hope you also do same for me thanks happy new year and wishes you a hapy life

Very cool
I have Canon EOS still learning how to use it

Happy New Year

Selfie with dslr ❤

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Looking cool John

When you are a photographear, you work all the time, because your eye is the first camera.
Great click.

awesome post

Eh, toi tu prends pas en photo ! Lol

nice 😃

You're right!

Very beautiful pictures. It passes the message and peeks at the photographer's point of view. What type of camera is this?
Happy New Year

🧀 😳😳😳

a classic. who haven't??? eheheheh 😉

Good post

Nic click! 😀👍👌

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lifetime jajaja cool