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RE: Early Crypto Misconception - There are no "cheap" coins or the "next bitcoin".

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Great post my friend. I can't help to roll my eyes every time I hear those statements "I'll buy because it's cheap", "It has so much room to grow because it costs less than 1 buck". There are people who are by far their own worst enemies when it comes to investing. By the way, you should definitely invest some money on steemit to help you promote your posts. Sometimes good content on it's own is not enough (at least when you're just starting) to get fair rewards in this platform. Keep up the good work


Thanks a lot. Yeah I just thru 1 LTC into the account to get started. Used some for 10 steem power because it's my understanding that is most important, but I have 6 STEEM left and not sure the best way to invest...are the bots or promotions a worthy return? Which ones should I try and how do I go about? Sorry for so many questions but I appreciate any help

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