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Agreed. Upvoted. Perspective and attitude can help us move mountains, like faith. Think one step at a time. Give something a try. Be curious like a kid to try something. You can always stop at any time. But give it a try. Just one small step at a time. And then take another step maybe. But don't get lost in thinking about a big mountain. Don't think the mountain is too tall. Just look at just the next step ahead in your life. And if you succeed with a smalls step, party, smile, laugh, journal it, and then repeat that process all over again. Take a break when you need it and give it another shot. Focus.


Well said, @joeyarnoldvn! Thanks for the upvote and additional words of wisdom. Of course all of these words are me mustering up the drive to press on through my own mountain one step forward at a time as well, which is looking more and more like a molehill. Now is a new day and a new step to take today... All the best :)

Yes, keep mustering on.

Thanks. BTW, I decided to do piece out on New World Currency - May 16, 2018? If you get a chance, I'd be curious to know what your thoughts might be on it. Anyway, take care.

Cryptocurrencies are world currencies.

Exactly :)

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