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What if, this very day, you chose to be free?

What if, in the midst of all of your life and everything in it that entangles you, you were to declare yourself no longer a slave to it all?

Imagine it: you no longer choosing to conform to what society or the government expects of you, merely because it is expected? What if you were to chart your own course and to do what is best for you and those you care about? That’s liberty.

Do you feel like a wage slave to your current job? Choose to be free. Quit today, even if it is in your own head. Realize that at the end of the day, you are exchanging your labor and expertise for the compensation that you receive, and start to consider yourself to be your own boss. You are free to leave and offer that labor and expertise to anyone else willing to pay for it. Then start keeping your eyes open for opportunities to make a “better trade” or to negotiate a better deal for yourself where you are now. This is the mindset of a free individual.

Are you a student being told that you must follow a prescribed educational path you hate in order to be “successful”? Choose to be free of that outdated assembly line. You have been lied to. We live in a time where you do not need a particular degree (or any degree, for that matter) to demonstrate skill and expertise and competence. You can learn to do just about anything you need to learn, when you need to learn it, outside of a classroom. You can make yourself an expert at just about anything without spending a fortune. You can get experience and be paid in the process instead of paying others. A world of opportunity is out there at your fingertips if you realize just how free you are.

Are you in poverty? Are you in debt? Are you on the receiving end of public assistance? Choose to be free of economic slavery. Realize that you are free and capable of creating wealth and eventually no longer being dependent on anyone else for your survival and success.

Do you despise your elected officials? Choose to be free from the false notion that the right people in power are going to save you somehow. Once you ignore the false promises of government and decide to live and work and get along with others without worrying about laws and regulations, you will know what it means to be free.

Of course, the external reality of all of those things that have entangled you will not suddenly disappear, but you will start looking at them in a different way. You will free yourself from some of them. You will see that some of them were a prison of your own making. You will realize that some of them will always be there, but that you really had a lot more freedom to move among them than you had previously thought.

Choose to be free, and you will start to find ways to live that way!valley.jpg

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