2017 Highlight Review From The Joe Parys Academy! Happy New Year 2018!

in life •  10 months ago

I don't know about you guys...

But 2017 has been the QUICKEST and most REWARDING year of my life!

In this post I will be discussing the TOP 10 highlights from this past year!

– both personal and professional. :)

Let's get started!

Check out mini highlight video below or scroll down to see all of the 2017 highlights in order!

Highlight #1: Buying My DJI Mavic Pro Drone!

In February my DJI Mavic Pro Drone arrived in the mail!

I decided to buy this drone for a few reasons:

  1. Portability - This drone easily fits into any backpack or carrying case!
  2. Quality - The DJI Mavic Pro shoots high quality video in 4K
  3. User friendly - Now, I will say there was defiantly a learning curve when it came to flying this thing! But, once you get a hang of it its a LOT of fun and very rewarding to get some incredible never before seen arial video!

Check out some of the amazing drone pictures and the unboxing below!









Highlight #2 Florida! Spring Break 2017!

This year I got to travel with my family to Clearwater, San Key, Indian Rocks, and Orlando Florida!

Check out the highlight video below!

Here I am in Clearwater, Florida!

One of my favorite parts was going to Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure with my Sister!

Highlight #3: St. Patricks Day in Chicago

This year I got to experience St. Patricks Day in Chicago!

Check out the dying of the river GREEN and all of the fun activities along the way!

Here is the full VLOG video of my St. Patricks Day in Chicago!






Highlight #4: California Trip and Udemy Live!

For the past two years I have traveled to San Francisco, California for Udemy Live!

This year however, I made a stop to see an old friend in Costa Mesa, get some awesome footage, and enjoy the amazing weather! Check out my California video here:

Here are some more pictures of the trip and Udemy Live!




Highlight #5: In July We Joined Steemit!

In July I made my first purchase of STEEM at $1.00 a steem and another purchase at $1.50 for a total of $2,600!

Today, I have invested more than $7,000 buying in at $2.50!

My total account is worth more than $12,000 currently and I have more than $200 Steem Dollars! (and many more pending!)

I cant wait to see the price when I create this post at the end of next year! Onwards and up-words!

Help me reach 10,000 Followers by next year!! Follow me @joeparys


If you like my videos, blogs and more make sure to follow me @joeparys

Highlight #6: Texas!

This year for the first time EVER I visited Texas!

It was a whirlwind of a trip, lasting only 3 days, but boy did we do a lot!

The first stop on the trips was the Dallas Cowboys vs. Greenbay Packers game!

I have to say this was the BIGGEST Football stadium I have ever been in... and the game was SOLD OUT!



Next, we spent that day at Six Flags over Texas!

They have some amazing rides and roller coasters and we defiantly got our moneys worth!






And then we capped things off with an amazing Dinner in Dallas and a fun day exploring the city!


Some of the best food I ever had was in Dallas at the Reunion Tower!

Highlight #7: Chetours Helicopter Experience!

This year I got to fly in a helicopter around my home city of Chicago!

This was an incredible opportunity and experience of a lifetime!

(A special thanks to Chetours Chicago www.chetours.com)



Highlight #8: New Website Design & the Opening of The Joe Parys Academy Membership Site!

Recently I have updated the design of my website and opened my new membership site!

Visit https://www.joeparys.com/ for instant access today!


You can now get ALL of my online video courses (and exclusive videos) for one month, FREE!

After that it is only $9.00 a month for all of my content!

Sign up today to start learning more than ever in 2018!


Highlight #9: Being featured on CBS News!

What an honor it was to be featured on CBS for the new iPhone X and my business!

Check out the whole clip here:

Highlight #10: Serving more than 300,000 students in more than 70 courses from all around the world!

I am truly blessed to be serving more than 300,000+ students from virtually every country around the world!

My passion for teaching has lead me to have experiences and opportunities I would have never dreamed of!

A HUGE thank you to ALL of my students, followers, business partners, co-teachers, family and friends for all of your support this past year! I could not have accomplished this without YOUR Support!

To continue to help support the Joe Parys Academy visit http://www.joeparys.com

Thank you for reading!

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I can see by the photos that you had a great year. I hope you and us all that 2018 will be an even better year.


Thank you @discernete for your support and comment!



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ohwonderful ! that's great, I wish you a greater New Year!
정말 멋지고, 새해에는 더욱 멋진 한 해가되길 스팀잇 회원들 모두를 위해 기원합니다
모두들 화이팅!!

Thank you for sharing your incredible experiences @joeparys! It's indeed a very productive year. Have an even more prosperous year ahead!


thank you @hiroyamagishi for your support and comment!!

Your drone videos are insane!!! I really want to upgrade my Phantom II to a Mavic Pro. Maybe with all these Steem profits, I will finally pull the trigger!

You got a 29.96% upvote from @postpromoter courtesy of @joeparys!

It seems like 2017 was a great year, I wish you a greater 2018! Happy New Year!

@joeparys, happy new year! :)


Thank you @taurus1983 for your comment and support!


@joeparys You know something, I always see your publication to inspire me Someday I will be in trend and you will see me. I always see you ... greetings and may God bless you and spend a happy year full of blessings, this has nothing to do with your subject, but with the treatment of what you read


Thank you for your support!! Happy to keep inspiring :)

seems like 2017 has been a great year for you with many wonderful memories..hope 2018 will be good to you..wish you a very happy new year :)


Thank you @steemclaira for your support!

Woow man that's good and! Keep it up 👍@joeparys

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Joe please help me . I New steemit ID .
Sory . Thanks see you godluck 👌😔

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perfect job

Wow! What a spectacular journey. Happy New Year!

happy new year

Wow amazing year parys, keep going! make 2018 even better

Congratulations friend, I hope this next year brings you many more successes and blessings, greetings!

I want a vacation, but do not have the money 😥😂

This post has received gratitude of 0.71 % from @appreciator thanks to: @joeparys.

Wow, you're good at this..

Happy new year sir @yeminthu @joeparys

perfectstory you shear

The Pictures taken from the Drone are Amazing! I really like it! I'm going to get a drone soon too I'm excited hehe..

Hope you have a wonderful year !
Happy New Year to you! @joeparys
Greetings from Malaysia


Thank you! Yes the drone is a lot of fun, but always make sure you know your local laws when flying :D



Your welcome , Yes that's true as some places in Malaysia banned flying drones. There was too many incident about this so yeahh.

Hope to see more photos taken from your drone and I will too post when I get my hands on the drone :) hehe

Thank you for writing! Great post, I'm following you. @joeparys

Happy new year..2017 is great year in my life........Happy new years Eric! I wish you a fantastic year!

Thank you for all the amazing energy you spread in the platform every day!

Best Story of 2017 till now i seen on steemit

The name of the new year was written on the bird's wing and the name of the new year. Friends, you will be able to fly and mourn the happiness of all the old suffer! New year's new journey is happiness and humorous! I wish you good luck to this year

hopefully in 2018 this will be better than the previous year


The beautiful lady in green top is your better half. Am I Right?
By the way, your content was awesome. And happy New Year 2018 and have a great journey ahead @joeparys :)


Thank you @shubhamsaurav for your support and happy new year to you too! Glad you enjoy the content :D much more to come in 2018!



Great!​ But Sir @joeparys please answer my first question that I asked in the comment. The Steemit community wants to know :)


Haha I am single my friend, but seeing someone currently haha :D

Thank you for asking :)



Marry Soon! I want to come in your wedding. haha

Congratulations @joeparys!
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Congratulations @joeparys.. Happy 2018! 🙌👍😆

very good

nice, i have a DJI Mavic Pro and its the easyest drone to fly, and has nice image.

you achieved great things last year and i know with your kind of spirit, you will achieve more than expectation.All the best and happy new year. i will like to follow

Happy New Year! May peace and love reign in each of their homes. Greetings from Venezuela!

Amazing blog, thanks for sharing your experiences from this year. Some of those drone shots look incredible. A drone is something I'd love to have to add some photos like that to my blogs.

If you have a few moments of your time, please check out my latest blog, would mean a lot for a top blogger to read and review mine.

@Joeparys It seems like 2017 was an amazing year for you Sir, wish I had the same opportunity because this is so inspirational thank you and have a wonderful 2018.

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Happy new year 2018

Congratulations for being the frontrunner and inspiring others.

happy new year have a blessed year

what an amazing year you have had @joeparys! but compare to 2018 it is just the beginning of many more good things to come! wishing you a prosperous new year.

Awesome pictures and fun good luck for 2018.

@joepary is there any website I can be updated on cryptocurrency... I need to do more research.

I always trust your opinion


Sneaky Ninja Attack! You have been defended with a 76.47% vote... I was summoned by @joeparys! I have done their bidding and now I will vanish...Whoosh

This earns my deepest respect. I`d love to see whats coming up next and what I can learn. Congrats!

the maveric takes excellent photos, I recommend them to 100

wonderful post

hopefully the more victorious, your post becomes a motivation for me. you are a great person who can make a difference for the country and the world.

Congratulations @joeparys!
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