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Its already 4:06PM, and guess what? I just woke up !! Not because I was born with wealthy family and has nannies to do my chores but because Im a call center agent my sleep time is when the sun is top of the world and my work environment is when the moon shines. Following, I went outside and get in to our little sari-sari store to picked some snack to seemingly fill my starving stomach. My Mamang noticed me that I am already awake. She told me to bought some fish on the market for our supper.
Since I just woke up and I dont feel like going somewhere, I refused and lied that I am not familliar with the kind of fish she told me to bought. But still Mamang insisted me to go and just used ny motor bike for me to easily get into to the market.
But I still managed to decline and ignore what mamang told me.
After a few minutes my Papang presented him self to be the one to go to the market to bought fish for our viand. Since my Papang represented him self to be the one to choose what kind of fish to bought, so I decided to agree to go the market with Papang and use my motor bike.
Brooom!!! Broommmm!!
(as the machine start)

As on our way to the market, everything went well except for this scene, as I drove my motor bike with almost 30km/h we passed some group of boys playing baketball.
As we are approaching the curve after the mini basketball court made just within the road. My mentallity suddenly blocked, I lost my focus on driving the motor bike. Instead of pressing the break for it to stop I unintentionally revolve the manuver and made it run fast .Unlucky we hit the unfished wall stationary constructed just beside the road. I thought it was just the motor bike that is damaged but as I looked my Papang,I saw his face covered with his own blood. And Ive really seen it in my naked eye, that the ironworks with in undone wall hits the upper right eye of my Papang.
"Pang!! Sorry Pang!!" (I shouted). The boys that are playing basketball ran into our area, and help us. My papang was ran into the hospital, and was transfered to another hospital because the wounds on the upper right eye of Papang is quite deep. So Papang was ran to other hospital from another city.
I ran into our house and told my Mamang what happened. Mamang accompanied Papang to the hospital, and I was left in the house with cuts on my shoulder and face. Sobbing, crying and praying, asking God for guidance.
Y E E E E S S S !!!



  • I did not lie that I am not familliar with the kind of Fish. ----because in fact, I was the usual person to bought fish for our viand.

  • I just direclty obeyed my Mamang and did not let my ego eat me.

  • I just diretly obeyed my Mamang so we disregard to idea to use the motor bike

  • I reduced the speed of my motor bike and slowly but surely drove it.

  • I press the break and forcely stop the motor bike.


  • Stay in the house and obviate him from accident and injury

  • Not have experienced He is experiencing right now

I regreted it so much, Because my Papang is the best Father here in the universe. He never spang or snap me with slippers or stick and belt. He did not even throw barbaric words or bad words. He just decipline me with his words of wisdom and encouraging sentences.

" Sorry Pang, You don't deserve this Pang. You don't deserve the Pain. Sorry Papang"

Thank you @jason04 because of this I have express what I feel. God bless and More Power

This is @joco0820


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I do have regrets like yours and i wish i could turn back time to make it right but its too late now 😢

Yes @jickirti.
But what ever maybe our decision that we regreted in our life, We should always have a faith in God and Just PrAy Everyday

yes indeed . Thank you😊

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in the end, life is still life. We should live our life to its fullest that no regrets shall demerit us to appreciate that life is a wonderful gift from God

Yes i agree 😊

I hope you're fine now @joco820.

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Thank You for appreciating :)