When Life Throws A Curveball

in life •  2 months ago

Time and Tide wait for no man.

Time always brings us face to face with our mortality, some believe it goes on forever, sadly this is not true! Over the past month and a half my niece and a brother passed away.


Being given equal opportunity in time every day is a constant reminder, do what you set out to accomplish, time is fair but not always equal how long our life will be. When life throws a curveball ball you realize it will never be the same again, oldies reminisce about past experiences, it is still the same number of seconds and minutes in a day.

Ten weeks ago my brother took ill, at first we were not too concerned being a healthy man all his life, within two months he lost about forty kilograms in weight, his colour turning yellow, indicating jaundice, on-going hospital visits for testing, waiting for further tests to be run. Taking the jouney ahead, one hour into his sixty-ninth year, living life to the full, loving his Navy life (all things British Navy), a member of the M.O.T.H. (Member of the Tin Hats) in later years.

Klatskin tumor I had never heard of, coming to terms with this along with his daughter living in the Western Cape with her mother, regularly phoned on hearing of her Dad being ill, she had a heart attack at age forty-four, forty-four days prior to her Dad.

Wishing to attend his daughters celebration of life many days of delay, remaining daughter and son traveled to the Cape arranging what ever needed to be done. Family here in Durban continued taking my brother to hospital for tests. Ending up having two celebrations of life one week after the other, when life throws a curveball it normally hits us for a six.

No matter which path we take, life really is one day at a time, anger, regrets, jealousy, desire, all come packaged as 'human', so do love, morals, living! Encouraging one another, helping each other make every day count in some way or another, everything boils down to the same for each one of us, a kind word, a smile, after all we are just human.

Being back for the first day, emotional tide still takes over, thank you to those who sent wishes, really appreciate your kind thoughts and words.

Clock of Life

The Clock of Life I have no idea where this originated, my Dad gave it to me many years ago, good words to keep one grounded.

Proverb: Time and tide wait for no man. The processes of nature continue, no matter how much we might like them to stop. The word tide meant “time” when this proverb was created, so it may have been the alliteration of the words that first appealed to people.

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Espero que todo salga bien, excelente reflexión!


Recuerdos amargos / dulces, viven dentro del corazón. Gracias por tu amabilidad @mariale07

Strength to you all, Joan.


Thanks, one day at a time, always!

Time and tide wait for no one. A wonderful quote which take me to the past where there is a beautiful song about tide. A superb song with fantastic lyrics which was composed in early 90's. May be you won't be able to understand the exact meaning of telugu lyric which is my mother tongue but you will the feel the music. If you can try to translate here are the lyrics for you.

"Alupannadi unda egire alaku yadaloni layaku
Adupannadi unda kalige kalaku karige varaku
Melikalu tirige nadi nadakalaku
Mari mari urike madi talapulaku lala lala lalalala
Alupannadi unda egire alaku yadaloni layaku
Adupannadi unda kalige kalaku karige varaku

Naa kosame chinukai karigi aakasame digada ilaku
Naa sevake sirule chiliki daasohame anadaa velugu
Aaraaru kaalaala andaalu bahumati kaavaa na uhalaku
Kalalanu tevaa na kannulaku lala lala lalalala
Alupannadi unda egire alaku yadaloni layaku
Adupannadi unda kalige kalaku karige varaku".

If you want to hear the song please go through the below link:


Thank you, I really appreciated the music, the words did not translate too well, but got the general feel.


I do know that. But it is typical Telugu language which is popularly know as Italian of the east. difficult to translate though.

@joanstewart You know that we are with you in this and as always, all strength to you Lady Joan. Death is never an easy banner to bear, but time goes on! My own time clock seems to have a faulty battery, as it almost failed a few times, but as I said, life goes on! Blessings!


From the day you are born a brief journey to becoming star dust again, only other certainty in between is paying taxes.

The fact your ticker gave a glitch or two, you took heed and now live somewhere to mend, your thoughts greatly appreciated Stephen and Marian @papilloncharity

This is a great reminder that we should cherish every moment of every day. You can't get wasted hours back. Seize the day!


Seize the day is a great expression @blockurator too many become over burdened with fear of doing.

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Ah Joan, I'm so very sorry to hear about the sad loss of your brother as well!
It's been a sad time for me as well, my friend eventually passed away after about six weeks of life support hell!
Losing a brother is like a part of you is gone hey!
Thinking of you in this sad time.


My brother lived close to me, we spent quality time together, in the long run it was for the better, the treatment he would have had to endure with little to no hope in the long run @lizelle his daughter was a total shock!

Day after the funeral we had a family only get together at my house, including a brother who lives down here and my sister from Johannesburg. We are not an exceptionally large family it was therapeutic being together.

I remember seeing your friend passed after the illness she endured, life is short, thank you for your kind words.

cherish every moment and time, make a lot of memories that we can keep, time is precious, and familt time is the most priceless of all. thanks for sharing!


Living close to this particular brother I will miss seeing him and walking the dogs together every weekend. We had very good times to cherished memories now.

Oh dear! This has been such a hard time for you, Joan. I was wondering why I wasn't seeing you. My prayers are for you and your family at such a difficult time. Be sure to take care of your own health right now and go easy on yourself.


Life carries on, he will live in my heart forever. Family always pull together in tough times, thank you for your kind thoughts, will take care of myself.

Magnificent post, thanks a lot

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