My thoughts for the night!!

in life •  18 days ago

Hi!This is my thoughts for the night.

It has been a while since I have a day off on weekday and today was fun . I created a lot of memories with my special someone and I am extremely happy. My day off is almost ended and I am going to hit the sack after writing this blog. Before I go to sleep,I was browsing my Facebook memories and I remembered that today was the day that I have had my first day with my boyfriend last year. I saw a picture in a coffee shop and everything flashes back . ;) Time passes by so fast and I did not realized that we will also have our 1st anniversary next week.

I am excited and blessed to have a very caring and generous boyfriend. Our relationship has gone through some small trials and arguments but we survived for a year now. In this relationship I have learned many things about myself , life and everything that is happening around me. I was just a simple girl with a broken past a year ago but now I can proudly say that the girl a year ago was already gone. I can say that I am now changed. I am in a new chapter of my life right now and many changes has happened .

The changes that I am talking about is my goals and perspectives in life has been changed because of what I have experienced and learned recently. Thanks to my special someone. He is an eye opener to me and I could not afford to lose a good guy . I wanted to have an ordinary life that is full with good memories together with my loved ones and family. I wanted to do many things that I haven't tried before. I want to build up my confidence more and of course I want to do many good deeds to those people who needed it the most. There are a lot of things to do but I have a lot of time to do that so I don't need to worry. Oh my post is getting longer . Anyway, this is my thoughts for the night and I just wanted to write it so that in the future I can be reminded of this post . 🤞😉

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