My pillow doll I sleep independent strong

in #life4 years ago

My pillow doll I sleep independent strong

I am more selfish

I am tolerant of exclusion of any I include the United States

I am neither bisexual non gay sexual orientation of traditional I

Unless I drink the right amount of red wine to force me to drink or cut me

I am hypocritical through my smoking alone when I secretly smoke only three of the two

I hate to know Ma pattern especially mahjong sound

I have no capital skittles

I love that I pretend to global library cultural illiteracy

I love coffee that I pretend to capital poor

I regret not strayed into the embarrassments men's restroom found no stimulation

My mobile phone stack function I general three kinds: pick up the phone, send and receive information, alarm clock

My notebook HP configuration high enough white embroidered pillow vase I still love

I'm going to cook I cooked Rice porridge soup

I throw garbage, ran the red light to the child so that the total water saving

Like a waste of electricity (home I want to watch TV to play to hear the sound)

I love love love walk by rail transit car iron bicycle car reminds me of love pure campus love story

I'm free, and I'm free to be an artist and an artist.

I like to live alone, and I love to live with my family.