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Novel, Cioffi is a poor family, had to rely on expensive tuition Zuotai support with living expenses even need to supplement the girl home, but the author also gives all of her heroine Mary Sue must be simple appearance, obviously is a junior , it has experienced a nightclub colorful, but still looks like a junior high school, clean, simple.

Chengjia Yang it? Lucky, all the elements needed overbearing president he has. Translation talented, handsome, his family is rich, well-paid, I had a love should not love, but know each other in the wedding day, went to the bar, met Cioffi, a kiss for life.

(PS: To be honest the original book did too yellow ah, if this film had to give radio and television I know it is not always light Ding Ju the do not ask me how to read the novel, I was just a baby!!!!! but on this issue, with the original book drama big difference I can also understand the tell the truth the drama is basically a set of book titles plus the names Bale ......)

Well, pull the question, talk about the drama translator!

Since the drama was aired two episodes, I can only limited by virtue of the two sets of sheets and flowers as well ... people on Baidu Encyclopedia explanation ... to do an overall evaluation (so you might see me after this comment on stars often! often! in! change! of!)

On trailers, the look down the overall feeling is very hard to describe. Trailers burning very, very traditional female industry growth inspirational love story, not that bad, but with some big differences in the novel, but if you really think about it ... in accordance with fiction film: Zuotai care of the household, the male smoking drugs to drunk driving when the pleasures of life ... this movie can not estimate on TV

For now I give this movie Samsung to three and a half score, pass. Visual is a grown up with a similar industry growth inspirational love scene, it is the novel relationship should not, so I had already decided this as a new novel from the story after reading (fast praise my wit! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!)

TV version Cioffi with Chengjia Yang is no longer played a feeling I do not know, at each other's torment, support, love after knowing each other understand each other, for me, this treatment I can accept: Maybe I'm pedantic but I really love at first sight does not accept ...... ...... novel should be a sleep love ...... (• ̅_ • ̅) Come on I was a kid !!!! do not want to dirty !!!! elegant !!!!!!

The first episode drama Cioffi Chengjia Yang first met in Zurich, Chengjia Yang to Cioffi prick, incidentally, also pinched her scholarship (visual liangzi has forged), and after six years in the hotel with Cioffi Chengjia Yang ...... ...... but also to find the thing (screenwriter are you really serious? Cioffi wine is not sprinkled Why should she go hero? is it really is not to force it encounters ???), and then, embarrassing scene appeared, Chengjia Yang you say the police, ah, then the police appeared ...... after inexplicable stopped in front of them, and after some imperfect inquiry - (? screenwriter you seriously do) they entered a police station

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