The Three unusual news of the web that you must read

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Hello dear friends of steemit, surfing the web I found this news very curious and unusual.

Three news caught my attention, what struck me most is the diligence of the authorities, although they seem absurd I admire the interest of the public forces to resolve the cases of citizens.

In my country, there are numerous reports of gender violence, robberies with identified perpetrators, tragic deaths in road accidents by drunk drivers, extortion kidnappings.

Many of these cases go unpunished or take many years to resolve and in some cases never go to prison.

The first news that surprised me was the arrest that the authorities made to a Parrot for insulting an old woman.

This news corresponds to the 20 of August of the year 2015, apparently the parrot insult to an old woman of 85 years calling it "old of shit", "old one of shit", this in Hindu language.

The old Maharashtra Indian named Janabai Sakharkar claimed that the parrot insulted her as she passed by her stepson's house.

The police took the complaint of the old woman and acted quickly arresting the parrot called Hariyal, after a confrontation that realized the authorities could be known.

Suresh, the stepchild of the old woman, insulted Janabai in front of the poor animal who, by his genes, repeated everything he heard.

The authorities announced that the parrot will be transferred to the forest department for rehabilitation.


The other news that caught my attention was that of a dove who was arrested for being a Pakistani spy.

Police officers in India arrested this animal for being suspected of spying, a police officer found the animal with a note in its claws written in Urdu language, apparently the note contained a number of Pakistan.

The animal was subjected to different controls even x-rays wanted to see that it did not carry some hidden device, all the tests submitted were negative, confirmed by Superintendent Rakesh Kaushal in an Indian Times note. While all controls were negative, the decision was made to bring the animal under arrest so that it did not return to Pakistani soil.


Finally the other unusual news solved being a stork accused of espionage.
An Egyptian citizen previously reported the local authorities to a stork for being suspected of spying, the authorities of Qena automatically appeared in the place, taking under arrest the animal, the mobile of the cover "Espía".

The complainant declares seeing the animal in suspicious attitudes carrying a device that caught his attention, police officers confirm this device and is the cause of arrest.

The news took on a public transcendence, which mobilized some authorities of a study center, later it was possible to know that the device was placed by some French who studied the behavior and route of the migration of the animal, luckily the animal was released.


These were the unusual news that caught my attention, I hope it was to your liking, all the news have the link link to be able to expand the information if it is of your interest, this has been everything for today, during the course of the week I will share With you some other unusual news from the web.

I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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