The needy of leaves

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This is the legend of a beautiful woman whom everyone calls the needy leaves, count the anxieties of the city of Buenos Aires, in the prestigious square of Anchorena lived a beautiful woman, when autumn arrives and the trees begin to strip Her leaves, the beautiful woman walks behind each leaf, takes them with her hands, cleans them and arranges them neatly between her fists, you can even hear her talking to the leaves she is picking up.

I wonder what leaf will go with each tree? The beggar said, Lugo repeats to which tree corresponds to each leaf? He murmurs, he speaks, he laughs with them, then he consults with each tree, which leaf corresponds to his branch, people go through the park and see the beautiful woman Very entertaining with the yellow leaves provoked by the arrival of autumn.

The beautiful woman lives her life in the square surrounded by yellow leaves, makes mountains with leaves, even covers her own feet with so many leaves falling from the trees, she lives her life very happy, everyone knows, but no one bothers, She dances and sings around her leaves, always consulting.

Which leaf will go with each tree?

Which tree corresponds to each leaf?

Is this leaf yours? Check with each tree in the square

This is the life of the humble woman, intrigued and worried about each tree when losing its leaves

On windy days, you take the leaves and release them in the wind, the wind swirls carry and bring the leaves, as if they were a waltz dance around the beautiful woman, she very happy accompanies the movements of the leaves, dancing and singing to your surroundings.

Talk to the trees, tell them secrets, laugh with them, what else can you do, if these trees are your only family.

Many times people who know her sit on the benches of the square and invite her to sit, the beautiful woman sits down and tells her story, although nobody believes it.


Who could believe the gossip of a madman?

She talks to the people and tells her that she is a fairy, that for love she is trapped in the earth, in her world she is a very important fairy, she was in charge of the autumn preparation, her job was to group the clouds to make it rain, It distributed them equitably by zones, when bequeathing the autumn its work was to maneuver the wind to drag the leaves, it was very ordered, it took an inventory of each leaf that fell of each tree, with this data towards a report that presented / displayed to the Reyna of the Fairies, so they could know if each year the trees produced more or less leaves than the previous year, had so much experience that could recognize every leaf to which tree corresponded.

But one day he made a mistake, no, two very serious mistakes!

The first was to fall in love, love is not good for fairies, lose concentration and lower the effects of their powers, the second mistake was to fall in love with a human being, humans do not have the capacity to love and always hurt the hearts of Fairies

The sisters, the fairy queen and the inhabitants of the magical world of the fairies have advised to give up the love of the mortal, but as I always say, fate is capricious in matters of love, there are no words to bring reason to a fairy in love .

The beautiful fairy for love of the mortal under the earth to live with him, at first everything was going very well, they were very happy, there is nothing compared to those days of happiness, but little by little it was changing, the love of his life did not He understood, he disagreed that he had his powers, he was angry with her and said he preferred her as a normal woman, she often tried to be like a human, but he could not get it, he did not think she was trying to change and To be an ordinary woman, finally the beloved left her alone in this world.

He lived in the hope that he would return, but time passed and that did not happen, he wanted to return to his wonderful world, but his love for the mortal had weakened him and he did not have enough strength to fly and return, he was trapped between his world and him our.

How ironic life! There a very important fairy, here only a madwoman, trying to survive, she tells her story to those who want to listen, but the truth no one believes her, who would believe a poor fool.

But nevertheless the anxieties of Buenos Aires tell, they see it in the square to make fly the leaves in the form of eddies and from afar you can see a bright light surrounding and reflecting fine wings behind its body, jumps in the air next to the Leaves of autumn seems to fly by the time suspended in the air, when approaching only to be seen in his humble dress.


They say the anguish, be it true or lie what the madwoman tells, it is difficult not to be moved to see the needy leaves.


I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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Many thanks to you @ screenname and all your team for supporting and trusting my work, it is very important for me this great economic support.

Such beautiful images that tell a tale in themselves.

I appreciate your fellowship and friendship, Thank you very much dear friend @linzo for visiting, commenting and supporting my work daily

Beautiful images and interesting story!

Many thanks my great friend @tangmo

So sad she trapped, I hope the fall leaf fairy wins her heart back so she can fly back home.

A beautiful fairy story, thank you very much dear friend @reddust, for the company, the comañerismo and the friendship, I appreciate the support to my work.

Lovely story but very sad :(

If it is true, it is a beautiful story.
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