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The mate is a popular culture of my land, taught us our ancestors Guarani Indians, mate is a hot drink, is prepared with the leaves of the yerba mate plant, the leaves are harvested, dried and finally ground, is Of an intense bitter taste, but they vary according to the quality of the leaves or the milling process.

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The mate is taken in different ways, the traditional correntino is the mate bitter, others sweet confection with sugar, sweeteners or honey of bee, others go further and sweet feed with milk, this is called sweet milk kernel.
Our traditional mate is a meeting reason, a campfire with firewood is prepared in the middle of the patio, a streak is placed on the fire to support the pava, the water should never boil, it is taken hot but not with boiled water this burns the Yerba, my countrymen sit around the fire with the kettle, there is a person in charge of the fattening of the mate, usually the person who has the best hand to prime, this act could last at least two hours, the mate goes by Of in mamo in the hand of the gaucho takers of mate.

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The mate is not only an infusion, it is a reason to fill up, in this act they talk about problems, news, announcements, the first guaina, the arrival of the stork, the birth of the first child, also when you get fired Work, good and bad, this act is sealed friendship, collaboration, understanding and empathy.
The correntino that does not take mate is not correntino, this is a popular celebration of my land, here you receive the best advice, the good ones, that there is almost no more, not my brother the mate you have to try, I chaqué if You sure will not leave it.
It has been consumed since the time of the original Guaraní peoples, other Indians have adopted it, the Querandíes, the Pampas, and the Chaco qoms.
This infusion was spread by the Spanish colonists through the country of Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile. My Argentinian brothers have migrated to other parts of the world and took their custom, perhaps you are reading this post in Russia and know the Mate Argentino.
The infusion of the mate in many cases is curative, it is placed yuyo alternative medicine, such as rosemary, burrito, mint. Holy stick, stones break, ideal for improving blood circulation, kidneys and digestion.
The way of preparation is very simple, the mate has a ceremony to fulfill if you want to take a good Mate.
It begins by choosing well the mate porongo, this is a fruit that grows in a vine that is called mate, the fruit is removed from the plant and allowed to dry, then cut at the top leaving a hole about 10 centimeters Diameter, is cured with old grass.

Source: http://www.tusplantasmedicinales.com/mate/
Once this process is done, the matte is ready to be used, the yerba is placed inside the matte a little more than half, with the bulb is made to the side the grass forming a little pile.

Source: http://locosxelmate.com/la-calabaza-generosa-planta-que-nos-da-los-mejores-mates/
On the opposite side where there is a tank there is placed the silver bulb, pour the hot water on the side of the bulb, remember not to boil the water to burn the yerba, finished this process to enjoy the best mate correntino.

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The mate has a history, the Spanish colonizers saw the Indians to consume this drink, called it "grass of the devil", never in their lives had seen anything like it, also called it the drink of lazy, for the amount of time that the Indians dedicated to this encounter, but when observing the vitality that produced this infusion in the Indians working, they changed of opinion and began to consume the creole mate.
The mate began as a ritual of the Guaraní Indians, in the province of currents and missions, when a Guarani Indian died, the Indian bodies were buried and a yerba mate plant was planted, then they harvested their leaves and prepared mate, They sat in the place forming a circle to the plant of yerba mate, where the relative was buried so they took the maté all the family gathered.

Source: https://direitasja.com.br/2012/07/03/a-conquista-do-brasil-parte-iv/

His beliefs were that the herb absorbed the deceased relative, consuming the mate was absorbing the spirit of the lost family.

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The mate in one of the things that unites my people, regardless of the social case to which they belong, in a company of work, shares this tradition, the cadet, the mid-level employment, the manager and the owner of the company.
It is a symbol of my hometown, join the generations and shorten the distances, you can be in Germany and by consuming a good mate your mind transports you to your hometown, few things in the world can achieve what a good Mate .

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mate_(infusi%C3%B3n)

I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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