Moments Magical correntinos the flower and the hummingbird

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In the land without evil of the Guarani lived the most beautiful of all the beautiful girl that could exist, an incredibly beautiful pupil, velvety pink skin, perfect nose, with indescribable features, accompanied by beautiful purple lips, soft as corolla Flowers, the best work of art personified in woman, with a black hair, decorated with wreaths.
Love at first sight felt her mother at birth, when she saw the baptism precisely as a flower, never was also a name.
Flor was a lover of the jungle, a true passion for flowers and wild fruits, every day throughout the day, wandering in the forest, a friend of nature, knew each of the flower plants, the birds were challenged Who would dedicate the best song to the beautiful, the animals walked behind her to contemplate his figure, the butterflies circled around his walk, a myriad of colors produced in contrast to the green jungle.
The girl goes out to take her morning walk without knowing that that day would change her life forever, the spring had arrived, the thicket was at its best, walked the paths of red earth giving smiles, dazzled at every step with its beauty, In his walk a bee placed on its crown of flowers and whispered a few words, Skilled Flower understood the dialect of the animals, understood what the bee pointed to him, looked up at the sky looking at the treetops and there he could see in The top of the tree to an athletic young man, he dedicated himself to harvest the nectar of honey of bees, very coveted food of the Guarani Indians.
Agile as the young Indian was called, when Flor came down from the trees, came to greet the beautiful lady, surprised she was petrified of the fright, but more of the beauty of Agil, this one noticed the girl's fright, With a gentle and sweet voice asked him to calm down and not be afraid, possessor of a wide smile captive the attention of the beautiful woman.
They started a conversation as old acquaintances, as do friends of childhood, they talked about everything and did not deprive themselves of asking anything, in the conversation she realized that this young man belonged to a rival village of his father's lifetime. The enmity was so old that they did not remember what the inconvenience was, but to name this family was to bring bad memories.
This discovery saddened the young people, but still desirous of prospering this love continued to be seen in secret, these young people were seen daily on occasion even forgot who they were, the beauty of the forest makes forget the worst memories, so the days went by, Discovering together the beauty of the forest, ready to witness a true love, they knew every corner of the jungle, its fauna, its flora, its streams and all the waters jumps slopes of the place, a magical place loyal to these lovers, They spent many days together that forgot to be careful, this reached the ears of the leaders, unbelievers of this love were not seasoned to discern this love and still less able to see that love overcomes the rancor.


The Elders took the decision but one that could be taken in a situation of this nature, to separate young lovers, Flor had to choose another man from his village, it did not matter if he did not love, he chose the most powerful and beautiful warrior of the village, Flor asked, beg for his true love, Flor's parents immune to the supplications, it is said that there is no deaf worse than he does not want to hear, the beautiful girl just made crying all day, stopped eating in defiance of their parents , Would aria anything but be with a man whom he does not love, so much was the plea, so much was the lament, that neither the God of the Guaranies Tupã Tenondete could bear, kind and contemplative izo Flower to take roots of his feet, his Arms grew a thin and delicate branches, a beautiful crown of a tree rose from its beautiful head, from its fingers appeared beautiful flowered blossoms, in honor of its name turned it into a beautiful tree full of majestic flowers.


For his part Agile knew nothing of Flor, stopped eating, walked all day in the jungle in search of flower, cried disconsolate, begged the return of his love, asked the Tupa to remove that pain, Agile was reluctant to leave in the I forget the love you promised.
Agile went to the enchanted jump to take his life, the God of the Guarani Tupã Tenondete understood that this love was true, under the jungle and talk to the young man, told him that Flor allowed him to live forever on earth as in Beautiful plant in bloom, which has opened its buds dropping its seeds, the wind did their thing scattered seeds throughout the forest and are growing hundreds of flower trees, unfortunately could not know which tree was a flower, but if you love it so much I'll give you the gift so you can look for it, the young man eager to find his love if he hesitates.


The tupa turned him into a small and agile hummingbird, gave him the most beautiful feathers that could exist, at that very moment he flew swiftly from flower to flower, with his fine beak tasting the nectar of each flower in order to find Flor his beautiful beloved .


That is why today we see the hummingbird flying very agile trying from flower to flower his nectar looking for his beautiful Flower, fulfilling his promise never forget his beloved.


I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

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