You have just been promoted to a lineperson now.

Can I at least be called a Lineguy? Or LineDude? I am so out of line even asking that. Gender identification...hello. 😂😂

once the otherkins start getting their inclusivness on too you wont even be able to say line person.......
saying person would be noninclusive to the people that feel they are non human. i mean ummm.............
whats the word for human that doesnt have man in it?

‘IT’ we will all be ‘ITS’ and that is it

Naw cant be that, if you call a tranny an "IT" expect some autistic screaching.
Ive gotten shit on that one like 6-7 years ago.

I’m getting burned every way I turn. How about ‘thing’ we could all be called ‘thing’ no masculine or feminine getures not even a descriptive word. Using the term ‘thing’ covers such a broad range of nouns it covers anyone and what they identify as.

i got the worst grin thinking of running around calling people things.

"Did you see that thing that just walked into the bar."


im sure no matter the solution brought to the table it will be problematic in some way.

its like a mix of idiocracy, brave new world, harrison burgeron, feringhight 451 and 1984.

A vow of silence is sounding better and better by the week.

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