When your dog is more baller than you. Featuring Menē 24K

in #life4 years ago

Meet Hugo.

Hugo was contacted recently to be in a rap music video.

He was in dire need of some bling to fit in.

Thank god he was able to get some sweet Menē charms, thanks to his Charms Dealer @Goldmatters.



hahaha this is awesome! Bling bling. :) Hugo is definitely a baller!

Hahaha!!! Oh man @jennyy is going to need a new Mene charm now that Hugo took here “J”. I love this !

well.. what jenny REALLY wants are those sweet heart earrings ;)

@jimmylin ^ ————- HINT

Finally some handsome guy on this blog xd

Hey jimmylin. Goldmatters is now a dealer for the rap stars it seems. Maybe you should get Hugo the Mene dog tag.

Hugo's already flossin the Mene dog tag in the pics ;)

Puppies then take a year or more to gain the other half of their body weight.

Not if they are wearing Mene

haha..so when does the shoot start?

OMG! hahaha so cute!!! ♥♥

What a beautiful dog. It's a beautiful puppy, cute chain

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