Give to him all your burdens. (Jesus Christ)

in #life4 years ago

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Psalm 55:22
Cast all your burdens to the LORD, and he will sustain u;and he will never let the righteous be shaken.
So many of us needs financial help,we have gone to men and men have promised and failed, but when you look into our farther with faith then HE will grant you all your heart desires. Not only financial help, also promotion, admission, uplifting from noting to something, healing of infirmity and blessings coming from various places. Just give all to him.
Without him we have nothing, and we are not living a life. All what we do in this world Is by his grace, we might say to our self's :AM LIVING LARGE, HAVE NOTHING TO FEAR FOR, I AM NOT A CHRISTIAN AND ALL WHAT I NEED IS COMING MY WAY,all those things are still by his grace. He knows the future, he also has different plans for all of us. Just cast your eyes at him and pour out all what troubles you.

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