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Moreover, in many cases, the betrayal makes it clear to a large number of couples the need for marital therapy and counseling, and sometimes the need to "work" on the relationship and try to rehabilitate the relationship, which betrayal has been only the tipof the iceberg for years.

Almost every third couple divorces due to financial difficulties.

For the most part, one of the spouses is the one who manages the "joint fund" and is responsible for the joint bank account.At the same time, a conflict is created between the couple and with the suspicion and mistrust.There are serious allegations about concealment, the disappearance of funds, and even the emptying of the bill behind the back in bad faith.

In addition, the economic pressures and arguments surrounding the expenses of the home and the children can indeed destroy the relationship.Couples who do not manage to "finish the month" and maintain the family properly, slowly create ongoing conflict and mutual accusations.

Sometimes, the feeling that the partner who does not "deliver the goods" economically is "incompetent," etc. We recall that we are in an achievement company that measures success in financial and economic parameters.

More women are divorcing against "economic violence":

Although the rate of divorce due to economic violence is not relatively high, in recent years there has been a greater awareness of women towards the economic violence of men.The most prominent feature of economic violence is the husband's total control over the management of the family unit's finances and being the only person making decisions related to the family's assets that pertain to the couple's shared rights and obligations.

These are not isolated cases.Factors that deal with violence within the family, including social workers, can tell that the number of women whose economic independence was denied by the husband is large and reaches tens of thousands of women, of course not in cases where the husband tends to economize oreven to stinginess, In many cases it turns out that many women who are "economically battered" are educated women and even those holding senior positions, but in their homes they are submissive and left behind.

Domestic violence

Not many women break up a family unit because of violence, the opposite is true.The sad reality shows that a large proportion of the battered women, who even fled the house and moved to shelters for battered women, return to their spouses.In the end, and only a few of them, break down and decide to "dismantle the package."The data on domestic violence in developing countries are still worrisome.

Personal crisis

This is a situation in which one of the spouses 'reveals himself' or feels that he has exhausted his relationship after several years of marriage.Such crises usually come in "round ages," like 40.50, who feel they do not exhaust life, that life is not what they expected.This is usually the result of significant life tasks that have ended, the exhaustion of a career and / or economic accumulation.

To conclude the survey, most people who get divorced are people who think there is something better outside than they know at home, something that was once out of the question today is common

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