MARKET CRASH POEM - RHYMES - Are you buying or selling? I just bought some more at 0.91 dollar! whoo :)

in #life5 years ago

Today is a good day for those with cashflow and not already have all invested!

All CryptoCoins are going down and I am left to see..
the little to nothing of value in my porfolio - I should just bend the knee/
Was draged in on july for all the hype and bougt at such a price
that I could have with a value of a bitcoin - feed whole china china china... with rice/

china.JPG![china.JPG]! was high - But I think it will be alright/
Just bought some more and I hope the value will see some light/
For the long-run the cryptocurrency market looks bright/
And all investors in China will reject this decision and fight/


We will see - but I think China just wanna show who's the man/
and later again open the exchanges and the market will bam/
I bougt som Ether, bitcoin and some more STEEM/
grabbed some more at 0.91 Dollar - Lets go TEAM!
I will not be chocked if we see STEEM at a 5 dollar - But hear/
Nothing good comes out of fear, but just wait 1 year!


What do you doing now? You buying or selling? Let me hear your toughs as well. If you read all rhymes above you know thought I bought in again.

What do you think about the lyrics?



If people are good only because they fear punishment, and hope for reward, then we are a sorry lot indeed.

- Albert Einstein

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