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Hi and welcome to Charity Heroes

listen here - Charity Heroes - DublinCityFM

Each week I seek out a person – or persons – involved in charity or volunteer work in Ireland. It could be a founder or a volunteer – but it is a person who is passionate about their cause.

This week I speak with Karen Leigh, founder of SensationalKids - a wonderful charity based in Kildare and Cork but reaching out to help kids across the country offering Occupation Therapies to many different kids - and no one gets turned away if they cannot afford the treatment. Check out their website / maybe shop online too

We only have half an hour here on Charity Heroes on DublinCityFM 102.3 and if you would like to comment on anything you hear or views expressed, please get in touch via
Twitter - @DublinCityFM
Email –
Twitter - @jilliangodsil

listen here - Charity Heroes - DublinCityFM


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