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"Copying is an easy way to gain success"-Anthony Robbins

Book By -Anthony Robbins

Success gives the signal, should start work on it

Anthony Robbins writes that copying successful people in advance is the easiest way to succeed. In science language, it is called Neuro-linguistic programming concept. The concept shows that the Neurology of every human being is similar.

Robbin writes that he himself has copied the best shooters so that he could learn to shoot, even he never touched a pistol before. Robbin writes that even if you do not have any knowledge of a subject, you can copy it properly and increase your knowledge quickly. all does copy, but most people do not stay conscious about that.

If the person who motivates you, chooses a skill that can help you, then you can control your fortune also. Robbin writes that if you have only poverty and failure around you then it can be difficult to think about success in such a situation. having a personal mentor is a good thing but not necessary.

If you want a better life then you should be saved yourself from the Gossip and find a guru and ideal whose daily routine and behavior you can adopt too. you can also find your ideal ahead of your family and friends.

There may be many perspectives to look at something, Successful people do not see things a better or worse, They are just seeing the result, For them, the result is the fact, an emotional reaction is not important for them, Practically This type of idea is necessary. To understand neuro-linguistic programming, you have to praise that, or you see yourself as a person or soul. Your brain works like a machine, The brain is your servant who helps you determine your highest target.

Luck does not shout, it indicates you. Whatever your condition is bad, but If you can see the achievements of others, then you can build confidence in yourself too, It will give you success.

To understand this book's philosophy I read it twice but still, I can say I didn't understand it properly, it's deep.
This post heading ("Copying is an easy way to gain success"-Anthony Robbins) not good for steemit.

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I think that self help books are the homeopathy of psychology. However, I am glad for those people that find them helpful.

Thanks for read,.. great review you gave i guess,.. some people like this author's philosophy and some not,...just like you said homeopathy

Thanks for that review. I know that author but I didn’t read this book. From your description it seems to be really interesting. The concept of copying behavior of people which are successful is very interesting.

thanks for appreciation., he is a good writer you should try this book too if u know this author.,
it's content is about realistic world.

"Copying is an easy way to gain success". This statement terrifies me. Being a content writer, copying is like a crime to me. It's like enjoying over other's hard work. There's definitely some limit in copying which shouldn't be crossed. There are some people with very quality intelligence to create well-crafted content but really poor reach so their content isn't recognized. A person with greater reach copies it and steals all the praise which he doesn't deserve. I've seen so many such incidents but I do agree copying is an easy way to gain success and it is bad. I think we shouldn't encourage others to copy.

This is not about copying others work, this is about copying successful people, you should copy the thing, in which you are not expert, if you don't copy then you can't learn. And giving credit is on you, in this book robbin clearly said that he copied a best shooter to learn shooting., now you can figure by this example, and at the end of this post i clearly said that copying is not good on steemit it mean I am not supporting copying content writing, I hope and wish you get it what i mean to say,... thanks for read and support

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thanks for support

You're welcome!

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supports from you mean a lot to me

Hola @jigsindian

"This post heading ("Copying is an easy way to gain success"-Anthony Robbins) not good for steemit."

I found that funny.

really, nothing good would be for steemit, totally agree.
Anthony robbins, always very enthusiastic in his lectures.

What he mentions about neurolinguistic programming, is not far from the truth, to copy certain characteristics of people like we would like to be, can help us a lot, the main thing is to believe that it really works, because if not, we will only lose time.

In steemit that we could copy?

Maybe to see types of writing, use of separators in the post, things that help us improve our style, but not literal copies of other post.

I think

To be frank @josevas217 I didn't get it properly, that what you saying.

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