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A calm mind is the best medicine for the body

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Napoleon Bonaparte
Born - 15th August 1769 and Death- 5th May 1821

Napoleon Bonaparte was a French politician and a leader of the army, he was the Emperor of France from 1804 to 1814 and for 100 days in the year 1815.

For more information or a complete biography of him, Wikipedia is there.
As the title of this post says "lessons from great personality", We are going to learn great philosophy from a great person. As usual, I tried to translate some of the quotes from him, in my simple words. Some of his quotes became proverbs by the time.

  • Victory does not mean that winning the fight, but stumbling and standing up is a victory.

  • Most of the people get unsuccess instead of being a success because they buy their own interest instead of necessary.

  • The male sleeps with 6 women and the fool sleep eight hours.

  • Maintain a religion so as rich don't get killed by poor.

  • Walk with strength is not daring. Walking without strength is bravery.

  • In any battle, if the dog becomes a leader of 100 lion army then lions will die like a dog, but if a lion becomes a leader of 100 dogs army then the dogs will fight like a lion.

  • Until you spread your wings, you can not know how far and high you can fly.

  • Do not be afraid of those who do not agree with you but get afraid of those, who do not agree with you and are afraid to tell you that.

  • I only see my target, the obstacle will give way.

  • When the enemy is making a mistake, he should not be harassed.

  • If you want to do something good, do it yourself.

  • Once you have thought, stay stick on that.

  • The fool about past, the sensible about current, and the mad people talk about the future.

  • Jealousy is a proof of oneself being small.

  • You become strong by betraying defeat, benefiting losses, and changing failure into success.

  • You do not argue with intellectuals, you kill them.

  • A calm mind is the best medicine for the body.

  • A true person does not hate anyone.

  • We create the opportunity.

Above quotes become proverbs by the time, and I tried the translation of English proverb into English that's the hard thing I tried here.

I would like to mention some of my friends on steemit who often write and read quotes, and I hope they will like my work on writing.
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Thanks for read,

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I really liked your example, to create history we should recall history...!
keep writing on history:)

thanks for reading and appreciation., will try my best to write more and more inspirational

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