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An intelligent person can also make a mistake


Born - 525/524 BC, Died - 456/455 BC

Aeschylus was a great Greek tragedy writer, author, dramatist, poet.
He was also known as the father of tragedy.
Many of the old tragedies are understood only by his plays.

Aeschylus's Wikipedia
Aeschylus's Britannica
Aeschylus's Quotes
Aeschylus's Books

Quotes translation

  • No one can survive by ignoring the law, It is not that everyone knows the law, but sometimes they pretend not to know.
  • At the time of the pain, There is no greater pain than the pain caused by remembering the days of happiness.
  • Happiness is a thing of choice, Need hard work to achieve it.
  • Meaning of keep learning is to stay young forever, no matter how old you are.
  • It is better to Stand up on the feet and die, Instead of live by kneeling.
  • The mistake can be made even from the world's most discerning person.
  • Just human has nature to Kicking the person lying down.
  • A lot can be learned with time and age.
  • The one who knows a lot of things is not a discreet one, because they believe that they know everything.
  • For an ill mind, words work as a medicine.
  • My wish is only mine, why do I increase or decrease it for anyone?
  • It is good for an intelligent person to not show an intelligence.
  • We can only learn from our grief.
  • While talking to a woman, a man should be cautious with his words, However, when talking to a man, whatever comes into the mind can be spoken.
  • Often fear is good. In the mind, it should also be protected in one place.
  • Which is new in power, it will be strict(rigid) for sure.
  • With time everything goes away.
  • you must give more importance for humility than life.
  • Very few people are happy with the success of their friend.

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