Jhon_"Meulaboh A Road to Somewhere (MARS)".

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he stemians this morning I want to share a story about a city of Meulaboh...

The old adage says 'many roads lead to Rome' this adage applies to adventurers, business travelers believe partners 'to' achieve goals. Today's global world not only relies on Nature's 'innate assets' but competitors are increasingly competitive.blcknc.jpg
here! Meulaboh, the sea is told in the cradle of the past, the history of trade from time to time until the voyage of production to other lands across the Indian Ocean, the Straits of Malacca and so on.
It is very precise that the spirit that rolled by Rafli in Senayan, that Aceh must be a part of "Direct Export", we must appreciate, certainly not a mere figment. Aceh especially #Meulaboh #Aceh Barat has started with increasing capacity and frequency, but keep in mind that direct technical implementation can often be met with the flow of competition and self-readiness.
let's prepare the system, the dream is not just to repeat the superiority of the past but to be the top of the future.
Proverbs are many roads to Rome, now you can go to meulaboh anywhere. "Meulaboh A Road to Somewhere (MARS)".