Trust the Process

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Trust the process.
No matter how difficult it is, just trust the process.
Soon you will get to see the fruit of your labor.  


Building a strong foundation.

This 12-storey commercial building was my very first project as a Civil Engineer since I passed the CE licensure examination. The construction of this building started last February 2016 and it was on March 2016 when I got hired by the team to be their Rebar Engineer. I was tasked to be the guy when it comes to the reinforcement bars of this concrete designed structure. 

Its true I've been a student of the course for 5 years, but for me the real education that makes us successful in life takes place outside the controlled environment of a classroom. School may have helped me gain the technicalities and theories needed for my profession, but it may have also failed me prepare for the much bigger stage. The transition from school to the real world of construction was tough. Adjustments were needed to work things out and from there it was a roller coaster ride. I've been up & down emotionally, left to right mentally, and black & white physically, yeah literally!

Sleepless nights. On the spot decisions. Puzzling problems. Handling of different personalities. Those are just a few things that make me want to quit. But hey, seeing the project build up, it pushes you to strive harder, learn quicker and be of control.

Rendering overtime with these two lovely ladies.

Taking a trip down memory lane, the most satisfying ones would have to be the times where I felt the sense of achievement each time a design was turned into reality. However, the most memorable ones were the moments I had with my colleagues. It's the friends who we meet along the way that helps us appreciate the journey.

At long last, the Tech Tower! Just this November 2017, the masterpiece has been made. The blood, sweat and tears were all worth it.  Its all worth the wait, all worth the pain.

Leadership was the key factor, but it wasn't easy. Leading those men with more experience than I was a challenge I couldn't handle at first. I had to work hard to get the respect I wanted from them. And yes I got it, I earned it. In this type of environment, respect and teamwork should go hand in hand. Without the team, from the labors, steelmen, foremen up to the project manager, nothing would come to fruition. The best thing that happened to me in 2017 was not the fruit of labor, but the process itself.

(Gracias @jassennessaj for giving this entry a chance and having this as one of the winners of your Christmas Challenge.)

Happy New Year!


You mentioned the challenge of leading men with more experiences and it's truly hard to deal with it. I'm happy for you, @jhon21, that you faced and surpassed it. While me-I haven't totally gained the respect of my subordinates which are 10-20 years older than me yet. Having read this, I'm motivated to address this matter as soon as I can. Thank you. Looking forward to more of your engineering-related insights.

Thanks for this one @caratzky. I know you can do it as you've been an achiever throughout your life. A piece of advice, just follow the golden rule.

black & white physically, yeah literally!


Hahaha . Asa ka nga site @smaeunabs?

aw wala ko sa site. naa ko sa plant na nagmanufacture ug prestressed concrete hahah

I so agree with this!!! The process is indeed needed to be trusted and respected! There are no shorcuts for success. So proud of you @john21 for this post!

@namranna , thanks. Hoping we will be all successful in our steemit journey. Let's trust the process!

Commended! 🙌🏻 Someone finally said it! Good job @jhon21, for this very nice article and for being a successful engineer at a very young age! 👍

a nice compliment from a lovely lady, thanks @nikkabomb shell . haha

hahaha mubukad akong atay @jhon21 hahaha

Amazing content @jhon21. Being a civil engineer the biggest accomplishments are those finished projects. Keep it up.

Engr. @jonnahmatias1016 , thank you and God bless also with your career.

Way sapayan engr. @jhon21 .. Dghan ikal dha??heheheh

Haha dghan, ipa ila2x tika ? 😁

Kanang mga ages 30 and up or matured person eheheh

Haha naa man juy age bracket. Cge2 😁

Hahahaha joke ra bit aw..hehe

Tough work but it looks well done!!keep it up @jhon21. Happy New Year!

Thanks @soulbella. Happy New Year and have a prosperous 2018!


Witty and inspiring are the two words that best decribe this post for me.

Your posts are definitely a learning experience. Thank you for sharing your stimulating insights


Thank you @jcvertucio , I appreciate it man! HAPPY NEW YEAR

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