No one can tell if today is your last day to live or on the next day you're gone!!

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One of the saddest news I received few days ago from a common friend. That our friend Jason died because of health complications. He is my friend when I was working as technical support in Transcom Worlwide Philippines. He had the same health problem issue from our previous team who also died last 2 years ago. It's water retention in lungs, I don't know if it is a common illness that we can get from working as call center agent? or they fail to monitor their health as manifestation to this case.


I am also sad because I was informed late and due to my phone was stolen. Maybe that is one of the reason why I missed that chance to receive any messages from them. His body was already buried and I wasn't able to attend his burial. Because of one incident that my phone was taken away by irresponsible people it made me feel angry.

When I was working as technical support many things changed and I experienced stress, pressure, working hour adjustment, improper sleeping hour, body clock , lifestyle, and etc. Which really affects my health and triggered from day to day encountering the same pace. Even my body weakens due to less mobility activities plus unaware of our food intake mostly fast food. My cholesterol level unexpectedly increase just for a month and it's not good.. really not good..
That's why last 2013 I decided to resign because my body experiencing a lot of changes after I exposed my self working in different BPO companies for almost 6 years.

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So there's a lot of questions now that roaming in my mind, why these things happen to anyone. Jason is still young at the age of 33 that his journey here on earth is until that day GOD took his life. He has a 7 year old child and when the time he's still alive he always telling his beautiful plan for his 7 year old boy. Then all of a sudden all of that plan will no longer happen.

Jason is one of the happiest person I've met in my life and he is an optimistic person as well. Now I can say that no one can anticipate what's gonna happen on the next day. Maybe today you are laughing, enjoying, talking with friends, bonding with your family, you are at work, on travel and etc. Then on the next day your incapable of doing these activities, God will took your life while you are walking. No one can tell!!!
So live everyday that it's your last day!!

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Life is so short to waste our time to nothing important or wasting every moment that we are supposed to enjoy.
We should do things that we can afford to make it, don't wait the time that you can no longer capable of doing it to your love ones or important people in your life. If you have those chances today to do what you really want, don't hesitate to take actions after. Do it!!!

I am very sad because I wasn't able to visit Jason's burial. Because of some instances that is happening and we are out of control. What I can do for him now is to pray for his soul to rest in peace and GOD will take his hands to the kingdom of GOD in Heaven.

Let's admit that we humans are physically weak and we have limitations to live. If we don't know how to use it properly, not taking care of ourselves, abusing our healthy state, exceeding to what our body can tolerate, fail to monitor our health condition. these might manifest to worst situation or even your life will be at risks.

Most importantly never forget to asks for GOD's guidance from your day to day encounter. He is stronger than any situation, than any problem.


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our destiny decides all.

Sad reading this news. Condolence dude!

Now I realize more the importance of taking care of yourself aside from working hard to earn. Health really is a wealth.



health is really wealth..