Fishing in Venezuela: The Pavón

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Hello dear friends of Steemit,

I hope they are fine. In this opportunity I am going to talk to you a bit about fishing in Venezuela, especially about peacock fishing.


The Cichla ocellaris, better known as Pavón, is a freshwater fish, of an aggressive nature, which gives fishermen a lot of work for their capture, since it requires strength and skill to master them, as well as patience, because if we despair we can lose them or we can split the hook, nylon and even the rod.


They are very intelligent fish and many times we must use different lures to fish them, they are carnivores, they eat other live fish, shrimp, snails, insects, are voracious and can weigh up to 27 Pounds.


The Pavones were planted in many Venezuelan reservoirs in the 1960s by the Ministry of the Environment.


They are fish very much desired by the best gourmets in the world and the North American and Canadian fishing associations had Venezuela as one of the favorite destinations for this practice, in fact several presidents of the United States of North America came to Venezuela for their sport fishing.


The Santos Luzardo National Park located in Apure State and visited in January of this year, is one of the favorite places for peacock fishing, besides the Orinoco River and the Amazon.


The peacock is one of the fish species preferred by many, it has an exquisite taste in its meat, and can be enjoyed in different presentations such as fried, stuffed with baked vegetables, nuggets, among other delicious dishes.


¡ I hope you have or have had the opportunity to taste a delicious Pavón!

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sau gut
will auch mal Angeln gehen!
Freut mich für dich

Animer, pêcher est très amusant, et c'est très gratifiant de manger du poisson pêché par soi même!

sehr schön wen es freude bereitet
und noch einen guten Zweck

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