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Hello steemians welcome to my blog once again, i believe you all are doing well, lets keep the steem steeming 😍😍😍😍Yesterday was a bit bitter for me, wanna know why? My junior brother was brutalized by sars personals. Got the call this morning and i decided to make a post with it in my own way, >>> ENJOY


H.R-Abuse-and-Brutality-of-.jpgimage source

Human rights has become human wrong
Or maybe it is just humans that do Themselves wrong
The evil that Mankind do to Himself is getting dark and strong
But tell Me! Is it a crime to look this rich and look this young?
Listen to the heat coming from the core of My heartbeat
About Ayo, a young boy who fell a victim of defeat
Ayo was walking down the road dressed in a gorgeous outfit
Dazzling like a glittering gold, looking astonishingly stupendous in His gorgeous kit
His looks is twice as nice, so nice
That You will have to look at Him more than twice
Everything looks one accord
Because His uncle just sent Him a fortune from abroad
Hey!! You! Stop there! Where are You going!
If You don't stop there, Your river will stop flowing!
How old are You?! Let me see Your phone!
Ayo persisted and a host of blazing blows landed in His bone
Marrows and dazes from here and there serviced Him like a ping pong
Ooor! Excuse Me gentlemen! Arrrggh! But, tell Me what I did wrong?
Before reality realized, Ayo has been surrounded by a galaxy of SARS
Special Anti-Robbery Squad; Ayo's face twinkles with a galaxy of scars
Check His phone properly, is He selling iTune cards?
We know people like You, You're trekking in disguise so that We won't suspect You've flashy cars... Urh!
Oo..Ooh! You think We don't know You wire transfer
You cyber scammer scamming souls wiping out Their sows from Western Union Money Transfer
Search Him thoroughly, bloody fraudster!
Treated the poor youngster like a hardened gangster
Ayo caressed the ground and kissed the dust, what a romantic torture
Suffered the loss of something He never profited from! What a collateral puncture
sars-690x599.jpgimage credit

SARS with the menacing jazz, sounds of a thrilling thriller
Because Ayo has a killer face doesn't mean Ayo has a face of a killer
These Anti-Robbers are putting every uncle in jeopardy
Fear more evil if You walk through the valley of the shadow of this jeopardy

Ayo is another victim and the body counts keeps counting
Be very afraid, They're behind your doorbell, this terror will terrorize Debbie in Derby county
This is sick and the sickness is growing
The illness is ill and the illness is glowing
Calamity in adversity
These killermen are just killing and killing the just, the just is unjust and this is just their mentality
Enough is more than enough; Enough of this criminality
They claim to be Our security but this is insecurity
For how long shall Ayo continue to be a victim of fatality?
The time is now to end SARS brutality.


Thanks for visiting my blog hope to see you again



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This sar brutality must stop, our country is turning to something else

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