The Collective Restlessness of the World - We're Waking Up

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They say ignorance is bliss 🌹

I was once very content in this world. I saw the world through rose coloured glasses and I could safely say that I was the happiest person I knew. And while that may have been a lovely time in my life, I'm grateful that I can now see the world for what it is.

These past couple of years, I've felt more introverted than ever. I led myself down a rabbit hole of questioning my entire existence. Normal conversations became dull. People started to look at me sideways and I longed for deeper connections. It can be a dark place to exist in, but also a necessary step for growth.

I'm now moving out of this phase and learning how to cope with the things I disagree with in our society. But one thing I've started to notice, is that there's a lot of turbulence in the world at the moment. This past year has been challenging. And the more I delve into why things seem to be so hard, the more I realise so many people are dealing with the same issues. We are craving answers.

What if millions of people around the world, were all feeling the same way? And for what?

I've witnessed close friends struggling with emotional uphill battles, depression, anxiety and seizures. Changes in lifestyle and new career paths. And then there's all the awful reports of suicide.

This world is changing. Our old ways of living and interacting are dying out. We're making way for a new experience. And change can be scary. Times of uncertainty can bring out the worst in people. We get scared and try to hold onto what we know as comfortable.

I myself have been struggling with a sense of purpose. What am I doing here? Where am I going? What am I giving back to the world? And not knowing the answers to these questions, leaves me feeling restless. I start feeling emotions like resentment, frustration and sadness. I play the victim. And it's so easy to blame others for your own feelings. Pass the buck and bury it deep. I've come to realise that the sooner I stop these destructive thought patterns, the sooner I can set myself free.

Living a nomadic lifestyle has definitely helped me see things clearer. I had some major distractions going on and I'm truly grateful for the life I lead now. Don't get me wrong, there are compromises. Not having a safe place to call home can get unbearable, especially on the journey to self discovery. But the lack of security, really allowed me to identify what's important to me in this life. I'm still working hard each day to be the best version of myself that I can be.


I met a lovely woman the other day. We must have chatted for at least 45 minutes. It was so nice to actually talk with someone, to learn about her life and her learn about mine. I'm quite shy and I don't usually feel comfortable in social situations. But the kindness and joy she was projecting was contagious. And it all started because she needed directions to the library.

So the next phase in my journey is to welcome the world with open arms. Let's support one another and grow stronger together. Let's show each other love and kindness, instead of judgement and anger. Can you imagine if the whole world did this at once?


I hope if you're reading this and feeling restless yourself, please know that you're not alone. Our world is waking up and we're all in this together. Embrace the change and be the best you, that you can be ❤


All content is my own unless otherwise stated.

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Just free your inner self and accept the reality of life. Life is full of both joy and pain but in spite of that never give up hope. Everything will be in its place in the right time and space. Be strong 😊


I wholeheartedly believe everything happens, how it happens and when it happens, for a reason. It has never been more true in my life, than at this moment. Thanks for your words of encouragement and love. It means a lot ❤

I felt the same way before I met my husband, restless and not sure about what my purpose was. Even when I was traveling I knew it would be over once and then I'd have to find myself again. With him I can say I found who I really am and I'm happy whether we travel or not.
I'm glad the nomadic lifestyle helped you find yourself too 😊

An interesting read @jessicaoutside .......made all the more interesting with your superb photography. Ignorance is not bliss.......but having an inquiring mind can be frustrating at times but my advice is to never stop learning. A big part of life’s journey is to firstly, discover that we all have a purpose and secondly trying to determine what exactly that purpose is. I believe it has everything to do with our creative passions for that is what motivates us and where we are richly rewarded.........(and I’m not just referring to financial rewards)

But our purpose is not all about ourselves. I’ve been around a long time and I have observed that the people who are the happiest are the ones who know how to bless others and help them find their purpose. In fact, by helping others find their purpose we can often discover our own.

I’m sure you will find genuine and caring friends here in Steemit. You have a lot of wisdom for your age. Blessings. 🌺. (U & R)


Thank you for your lovely words Trudee 🙏 I also believe helping others is huge part of living a fulfilled life. Not much tops it. I hope I have some wisdom to pass on when the time is right.

It can indeed be frustrating having so many questions but I think I'd prefer it that way rather than not. I know I've still got so much to learn but that's all part of life. It's a journey I feel ready for now. Lots of love to you ❤


You're very welcome @jessicaoutside I look forward to following your journey with much interest. xox

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Thank you!! 🙏💙🙏

Thank you. Your post hits home for me. I worry the best me isn't good enough!


Your best is always good enough ❤ please know that.


Thank you.

Wunderschöne Bilder 👍


Vielen Dank ❤

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Yes, you must keep that in mind: you are not alone!

I've felt restless and exhausted myself, but "la belleza es el principio de lo terrible" and we must turn our eyes to finding beauty in unique things.

Greetings from Venezuela.


Absolutely! And greetings from Canada, thanks for your comment ❤

I had a similar rude awakening in my mid-thirties when I accidentally caught a radio program that started a whole cascade of self-discovery about how the world really works. I'd call it my "red pill" moment except the alt-right seem to have co-opted and distorted that phrase beyond recognition.

I'm also shy and introverted - but when I can really connect with someone it is refreshing and soothing. Like you're alone and nervous and you find a kindred spirit to share your experience. Just knowing someone is with you is somehow a huge relief.

I'm starting to formulate a strong opinion that social media is the root cause of so much that is going bad in society right now. This article about Facebook touches on that:

It describes how there has been a sea-change from people being active explorers of information and social interactions to passive ones. More and more we rely on a push of information to us instead of satisfying our own inner inquiring mind has led us to lose our "muscle" for active engagement. We are neither learning nor being social, We are being "taught" and engaging in a "Soylent" social life. This has led us to be wide open to exploitation which is exactly what is happening the world over.

I consider myself an early adopter of technology - computers, Internet, blockchain, Steemit, and I may well be the next person to #deletefacebook. As a matter of fact today I deactivated Facebook messenger in a first step to encouraging my friends to use alternative means to connect with me. Phone and email have served me well for over 20 years, why insist on using a closed platform with a demonstrated disregard for my privacy and an openly advertised intent to exploit me as a product? No thanks!

Anyway, thanks for sharing your experience. It's good to know others are waking up to reality, flawed and shocking though it may be. I hope you have many more wonderful conversations connecting you with people in your future.


It really is nice to have a connection with someone isn't it? It's almost like your world feels complete in that very moment. I treasure those moments as I believe it's one of the most powerful feelings we get to enjoy on this earth.

I definitely agree with you about the negative impact that social media is having on our lives. Disconnecting from Facebook late last year had a huge impact on my life. It was almost freeing in a way. And it pushed me to reach out more to the people I really care about, rather than just assuming everything was ok. I still felt like I was missing out on so much news though. I've recently activated it again to try sell a vehicle. The reach you can gain there in local areas is incredible. It annoys me that it's a one stop shop now. And it seems like almost everyone is on there these days. I hope we can start to get back to basics soon.
Thanks for sharing that link - it was a great read. And yes I'm curious now too, what radio program was it?


It was a radio program on our local public radio station and they were interviewing someone taking about "corporate personhood" which was a concept I was blissfully unaware of until that moment. I did a lot of reading on its history and reach and how antithetical it is to the declared goal of giving us life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. These zombie like corporate persons are effectively in control of the country and many others - if you buy the idea that elections are mostly a placebo for democracy when both parties are deeply in their pockets thanks to the fiction that money is speech that should be pieced under the first amendment. This has resulted in it government running the country not for we the people but for we the dollar. Money dictates and controls or lives and money has no interest in humans, we're just a vector, or a virus. If profit motive dictated that 99% of humans should be extenuated it would sure enough happen. Corporations are legally obligated the put shareholder value first above everything. If they go beyond the law to protect the environment, improve worker safety, or increase wages they risk lawsuits to that effect - and they do happen. I see this kind of stuff everywhere - money and profit driving our society and our goals. Amount many examples that lead to Facebook doing so many of the things that betrayed it's users privacy in the grossest ways.

When we think about how much value everyone gets from Facebook - or believes they do - maybe they could charge a buck a month for it and get rid of all the spying and exploition. 2 billion users, $12 a year... That's $24B revenue right there. Isn't that enough? Plus they could get rid of the thousands of people they employ to devise and implement new ways to spy on us and make us buy crap we don't need.


A fine response sir. What was the radio program about may I ask?


Thanks, see my response above to @jessicaoutside

The truth is out there Jess and I am sure you’ll find it :)


Yes life's a journey. Things to be discovered, every step of the way. Thank you 🙏💙

You've done it again. You do post some good stuff. I hear you. There's only love and fear. That's it really. Just keep being you and doing what you're doing I say. I reckon you've already made some pretty wise life choices and good for you for doing that. We're at the cusp of a great choice. Humanity must make the decision which new world order will be created. Will it be the occulted new world order, a system of debt and slavery? Or will it be a new world order of liberty, freedom and prosperity? All of this is of course very unnerving but these are very exciting times to be here on this planet having this experience. Something tells me you may benefit from investigating the recent works of Bruce Lipton if you're not already familiar with him.


I couldn't agree more. We've got some really important decisions to make and I really hope we start to move in the right direction. I think crypto has also started the cogs in people's minds too which I'm really grateful for. Mine included. There are exciting times ahead.

I will check him out. Thank you for the suggestion 🙏


I'm know next to nothing about crypto. I'm just covering a base in case it works out well. It's always worth remembering we have 3 brains. Gut, heart and head. Trust your gut instinct, follow your heart and use your head. Use of our 3 brains instead of just the mind in isolation which we have have been taught to do by the social engineers brings about great joy and the potential for WISDOM (the use of understood knowledge). I have no doubt you are on the right path :)


YES! I need to be reminded of this often. Speaking of our 3 brains, did you hear about the girl that got a heart transplant from another girl who was murdered? She started having the most intense dreams. Turns out she had "memory" in her new heart and was dreaming about the night of the other girls murder. They were able to convict the murderer as she could tell police things like the time, the place and the murder weapon. Crazy hey? I have absolutely no doubt that we have more than one brain.


Amazing isn't it. I haven't heard of that particular story but have heard other similar stories. I heard one about a woman who had a transplant from a young lad who died in a motorcycle accident. When she came round she had massive cravings for lager and KFC. Two things she never liked but were the young lads favourite things.
The most important teacher I've come across in the last few years for me was Mark Passio. His body of work on his website 'What On Earth Is Happening' is incredible. He has 196 2hr podcasts available on there. I listened to them all in chronological order over a period of about 6 months. Things have never been the same for me since. He comes across as abrasive and aggressive sometimes but don't let his personality get in the way of his message. He is an ex priest of 'The Church of Satan' and he saw the light, left and now gives away all of the occulted knowledge that he learned over the years. The occulted knowledge of 'Natural Law' is probably the most important stuff I've ever come across. It offers the way out of this mess for the whole of humanity. It takes a strong mind to digest Passio's work but having done so I feel stronger than ever and ready for anything.

Wow this was a powerful message. I feel I have gone through an awakening recently and I can't imagine how I was walking through the world without truly understanding it
blessed be


Yes times are changing. I hope you're adjusting well to your new world. Lots of love to you 💙

Thanks for sharing I feel the same. Things change so quickly now.

It's fun traveling, I can't wait for my next chance to sneak off to the beach for months on end. So it's great to hear from someone on the move 🙂


They sure do!
Yes it's certainly a great lifestyle. Being able to have the freedom to move from place to place is truly epic. More and more these days though I am longing for a place to call my own. I'm sure there's a nice balance to be found 🙏

Excellent post. I'm trying my hardest to believe we're in the midst of a major awakening. It's still a bit unnerving to experience all the negativity every day. I guess I need to get outside as well. Peace


Thanks very much! It sure can be hard to deal with all the negativity flying around these days. Im just as guilty as the next person but I always try to be kind. I'm at the point now where I don't know the difference between my feelings and everyone elses. Something I'm working very hard on to figure out. Thanks for your comment. I really appreciate it. And yes, get outside always 🙏