Planning for the worst!

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We do love to dream and plan the best for our future. But life doesn't go as we wish. I sometimes wonder what our life would be if there's a system to predict the worst. But there's none, no? What if I say we can forecast our future a little bit depends on our present consensus!


Let's talk about this!

There's no need to say why this is necessary to predict and plan for the worst. But most of the time we usually feel clueless about how to do that. Well, I'm not here to give any magic theory or process. I would say what I believe can help to avoid the worst parts of life. Or I would say setting our mind for the worst!

  • Set your mind to reduce and avoid biasness when predicting something. It's not very uncommon to wish for the best outcome. We all want to be the winner. But try to avoid this tendency.

  • Be conscious about your power. What you do, how people accept you, how much you can; predict this thing correctly. People tend to overrate themselves. And this works as a barrier to plan for the worst.

  • Wait for it. Don't hurry to be successful. Control your temper and save things for the future.

  • Focus on your activity, action, and response. This will decide what you gonna get in the future.

Life is unpredictable but we can make our feeling predictable. So learn to accept what life gives you. That doesn't mean you can't learn to predict and avoid the worst plan of life. So, give time to be conscious about our worst future can be a wise decision. And taking the time to learn how to avoid them is wiser.

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