Building Courage in the hard times!

in #life2 months ago

Courage is one of the things we easily lose during our challenging times. Fear, lack of guidance, lack of understanding, continuous failure and so many other things are responsible for making us feel less courageous. But you will notice courage to step forward and keep going is one of the first things we need when it comes to moving forward in life. So, if we can't learn to rebuild it, we may not take our steps further.


You know what, we all have certain qualities which make us different. During the hard times, if you sit and start to compare yourself with others, that's the first negative step to take to destroy your courage. Focus on what you have. Maybe this should be the first rule. Make your point strong before going ahead.

Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but triumph over it.”

As long as we don't know what makes us fearful we can't learn to fight with it or solve it. Like, if you have fear of failure, judgments of society; you will gradually stop doing what you believe. Which will turn in to losing your courage to do that anymore. So, identify your fear and see the potential outside it. It will help us to build your inner strength, self-esteem, self-worth, and resilience. And thus we gradually can grow the power to run our race.

It's more like a mental practice that we can incorporate in our life step by step, with a small amount. Like reducing negativity, focusing on our strength, dealing with our fear and finally getting back inner strength. Do this, you will see a lot of change in yourself.

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