How to Stop Being Afraid an Infant Child Will Suddenly Die!

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How to Stop Being Afraid an Infant Child Will Suddenly Die!

How do we give up our fear of losing those closest to us that we love, especially when it comes to our infants?

I'm recording this while I'm here with my infant son and he is the second born. What I can say is the experience is a lot different with him than with my daughter who was our first born, and I hope sharing this for you is as helpful as it is for me.

How to Stop Being Afraid an Infant Child Will Suddenly Die!

What I've noticed in parenting my son and learning several new belief systems that I now am mostly free of fear of losing him.

With my daughter, I used to have lots of time with her in the carrier or in her snuggle bunny. Basically, any time I was with her, I had this fear in the background of losing her, that if I didn't constantly check on her and make sure she was breathing in the infant carrier, and if we weren't just continuously watching her, that she might suddenly just die and leave us behind, and then we would be horrible parents.

How to Stop Being Afraid an Infant Child Will Suddenly Die!

This wasn't made any easier by having a friend whom his child did pass away in the crib and just all those warning symbols and labels you see everywhere that your child could suffocate, this is a choking hazard, all of these things are intended to help us stay in a state of fear because in a state of fear we are easy to manipulate, we are easy to control.

A person who is scared will often do what they are told without much question.

Now, I'm not suggesting we throw caution to the wind.

What I'm sharing here is that today when I have my son in the carrier, I trust that if for some reason he can't breathe for a minute, he will throw a fit or I will just notice it at the right moment.

That's faith.

That's trust.

I'm grateful today because of fear you always need to be constantly checking. You always need to be verifying for yourself.

Read more on my website at and watch the full video below!


Jerry Banfield

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Sorry if I missed this in a previous post @jerrybanfield. Are you alright bro? Where is your shirt!? lol ;)

I am God's nanny, our babies are His to always protect, we are just taking care of them.

I had a terrible fear with my first born also. I was always finding myself waking up and saying please don't let him die. I had such a terrible fear of crib death. I was or have always been one to believe that anything can happen. I called the nurse help line so many times they finally stop answering my I am probably not the only person that felt that way with a first born, you just feel you don't know what you are doing. Things were a bit more relaxed with my second son, but I had a bit of experience under my belt by then so not every little gurgle scared me.

Oh, we can't give up this till a child reach 1yr to 3yr old. It's good that parents have this fear. It's a sign of love. Some parent don't have it.

@jerrybanfield you have a little bit disturbing music. Sometimes it's good, if we cut some 5 sec momnets, but mostly disturbing.

There is always tendency to be afraid losing your infant baby as a parent. All we just need is to stay focus on them because they are very delicate at this infancy stage. Nice work @jerrybanfield

Embrace the fear, it may save your child's life. When they are so young you need to be careful. You can stop worrying when they make it to 9 months.

awesome concept sir.. thanks for share your inportant concept..

Great post Jerry, I had this same fear with my daughter when she was born. I use to make sure she was breathing every few hours when she slept. I thought matbe i was the only who did that but nice to see I was not alone. Fatherhood is awesome and can be scary at times but worth every second I wouldnt trade it for anything, maybe Bitcoin lol, Im just kidding I definitely would not trade it for anything in the world. I wish you and your family all the best.

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rightly said, i think fear comes when negativity cultivates in the mind of people therefore we should let go of fear,

Prayer is the key to all worries. Hi @jerrybanfield. I'm your fan. Your articles are worth reading, informative and helpful.


la paura c'è anche se può sembrare assurdo.....morire è naturale a qualsiasi età....ingiusto ma naturale


Hi @wisher, whew! I have to use google translate to understand what you said.. Death comes naturally and it doesn't choose which age will it happen. But infants should be given extra special care to avoid such unfortunate incident.


hai ragione ma se ti guardi intorno non è cosi


I for one is not yet a mother but I have seen and experienced how is it to care for an infant when my sis gave birth to her children. I saw the sleepless nights my sis and my mother need to endure just to check the baby constantly. Even when I went to sleep I was thinking of the baby from my sis' room. But just like what @jerrybanfield told from his article, we need to have faith and trust that if there is something wrong, God forbids, your guts will tell you that you have to check your baby or the baby himself will alert your instinct.

As a new mom to a 7 week year old, I can surely relate to this!

those who have particular fears, inclusive of the concern of cancer or of a panic attack, produce other fears also. Generalized anxiety sickness is not so much a selected contamination as it's far a description of someone who is frightened of one element after every other. despite the fact that those fears are discrete and seemingly distinctive, they constitute a certain inclination in preferred to be afraid—terrified of contamination, or of strangers—apprehensive of factors going unexpectedly, terribly, incorrect for no apparent reason. there is always the ability for catastrophe. whether those affected males and females are terrified of components in meals, for example, or a terrorist assault, the experience of foreboding is the equal. They constantly have their antennae out seeking out some signal of chance. regardless of the risk, their response is the identical: an try to uncover that risk as soon as possible and ward it off. those precautions seem exaggerated and irrational to others.

Looks like being a dad won't be easy, nurturing infants to maturity looks like a big deal, but amma do my best when I become one and raise my kids without fear of losing em, there's something I learnt, I learnt one's fears always come running at the person, cool if you don't have fear but have faith, I believe everything will go smoothly with proper care and caution too.

Thanks @jerrybanfield for sharing, this is a nice post

Yes, I have not progressed past that feeling at all...and my son is now 6 years old 😂