Escape the Annoying Person Trap!

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Escape the Annoying Person Trap!

How do we escape the annoying person trap? I will give you an example. I was going to walk out of an AA meeting the other night, and this guy comes up to talk to me. He is always excited to see me, always wants to talk to me and I feel like, "Oh, not this guy again."

Escape the Annoying Person Trap!

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I was trying to talk to someone else and he comes up, and therefore, it is like either I try to dismiss him somehow and be rude, or talk to him.

So, I manage on this particular occasion to kind of dismiss him, like, "Come on, I got someone else I want to go talk to."

I get to talk to the other person and suddenly I'm on the receiving end to what I just did. I'm the annoying person that they feel like, "Oh, God, he wants to talk to me again. It's him."

Escape the Annoying Person Trap!

And then, I see what I just did.

I thought, "Oh, my God. He is really excited and wanting to talk to me and I'm not interested in talking to him because I want to go talk to someone else."

Then, I get to talk to them and the same thing on the other end and I realize, why did I do that?

Why did I just blow him off, then want to go talk to someone else, and then they blow me off and I get annoyed?

I said, "Hold up. Wait a minute. This is dumb right now. Why am I here? Especially in an AA meeting. Why am I here to start with?"

"I'm here to help people and that doesn't mean I'm there to help specific people."

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Jerry Banfield


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karma baby... you diss someone, then you'll get dissed yourself. First Grade stuff.. ridiculous to whine about it

Funny stuff Jerry. Gotta help the pretty people first, I can agree with that. :)

Just use wisdom to handle such scenario. To be frank there people who wants to talk to you because they either you fan,friend or they like your personality. When its not suitable to talk to them when they come around just be polite and give them another appointment it will help you not annoying them and you not getting angry. Compliment of the season @jerrybanfield

In winter, it is so nice to see this beautiful beach.

Jerry is inspiring and creative..thank for telling me about the cryptocurrency community..very educational info..thanks

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