Forget Donald Vs. Hillary; Steemians Unite For A Political Issue That Matters, Lets Raise Awareness And Help This Man!!!!

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This is Adam Crapser

Adam was adopted at age 3 and brought to the United States from South Korea. His adopted parents never applied for citizenship for him, many adopted parents don't know this is necessary. Adam is American, he grew up here, went to school here, and English is the only language he's ever known. When he was 10 years old, his adoptive parents abandoned him, and he was separated from his biological sister by the foster care system.

When Adam was 12 years old, he was placed with a foster couple, Thomas and Dolly Crapser. They physically and sexually abused Adam and other children in the home. In 1991, the couple was arrested for child abuse, sexual abuse and rape. The husband spent 3 months in jail, the wife served 3 years of probation. I wont go into my thoughts on how rapists and child molesters are coddled by our justice system. But after the abuse, he committed some crimes.

This issue is close to my heart, I was sexually assaulted in school, and went down the same path. But like Adam, I got my life straightened out and became a productive member of society. Unlike Adam, I'm not being deported!!! I can't describe as an American how ashamed this makes me of our country and our adoption and foster care systems. We failed to protect a child, to provide him with a safe and nurturing environment, and now that he's an adult with a family, we are punishing him for our failures.

Adam's children were born in America, they are American citizens. Adam doesn't speak Korean and is unfamiliar with the culture. Let's raise awareness for this mans plight!!! Repost, share, tweet, force the people that have the power to help him take action!!!!

Original article and photo by AP Adam Crapser
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I don't understand, we are accepting thousands of immigrants from South America, Mexico, China, the Middle East without much todo and the state is harassing one of our own? Shameful! I'm a survivor and lived in foster a home for a time. My heart goes out to this family. Shared....

What I've read here has made me absolutely sick to my stomach. This is a story worth sharing. Resteemed.


When I read the original story from the AP I felt the same way...He sat in an immigration detention center for 9 months. This man was adopted and lived in the United States for 34 years, it is absolutely mind boggling that he has to fight to prove he belongs here. You always hear "the system isn't perfect but it's what we've got". Well we need a new system cause the one we have is broken beyond repair.

Funny. i just posted something similar!


Hopefully cheetah doesn't give you a hard time. This story needs to be posted, shared, and resteemed as much as possible, from your post or mine. This man needs justice from the system that failed him.

What the HELL kind of people would adopt a kid, not get them their paperwork, and then abandon them? Srsly?