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The aim of the "Blue Earth Project" was to celebrate great ideas and great technology. Technology to make it a "blue earth" again.

With over 3,700 followers the facebook page was a mini success, but like all successes must move on with time.

Here is the mission of the Blue Earth Project, posted on a blockchain for all eternity (of the blockchain)

The Mission of The Blue Earth Project

The mission is to get you through the following information. Some of it. Most of it. All of it.

You WILL become a conscious human being. Of that there is NO doubt!

Activities to start from 10 am...

Top of the list: Do Avatar

The first two days of a regular Avatar course called Resurfacing is from a book of the same name.

Section 1 of the Avatar Course is it's name.

These mini courses are also useful:

Resurfacing Groups:

Try Universal Consciousness Clearing - UCP

The Dawn of the Solar Age and the Greatest Investment Opportunity of all Time
This is a powerful tool that can clear lots of mental blockages.

It's best done one on one.

It's like mini avatar and can clean up stuff and also prepare you for the big guns.

Documented here:


This is part of Avatar but very thorough and used is the Thoughtstorm process. It's much more like guided brainstorming and much more successful.

It is very very useful for clearing blocks and getting an idea moving, like a business. It's very good when a group working together wants to perform miracles.

Abraham Hicks

Listen to their youtubes:

and read their site:


Reach up, way up! Reach down, way down.

Listen to his youtubes:

And read his page:


Vipassana or purposely doing nothing.

It means sitting still for an hour in full or half lotus position.


Other tools and tricks to reprogram our wonderful bodies as they come to light (I like that - come to light!)

If you know what this means, then you know what it means and you know what to do. If you do not know what it means, follow the advice of the Prime Minister of Russia: get your money out. Then learn so you know what it means.

Spend some time dreaming your dreams, a little bit of time doing the stuff your dreams tell you to do and a whole lot of time laughing, smiling and being amazed and grateful as your dreams come true.

This is the page celebrating becoming conscious.


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