Stress in children?

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The childhood we remember as that stage of joy and constant fun where there was no concern and that everything was simply rosy or at least is what I remember. But now everything has changed I wonder, have we evolved to a world where children feel stress? The answer is yes, the demands of adaptation to this globalized society has led children to feel stress, because they feel the social pressure "to fit in", from their school friends to their family group.

As parents we want to take the time of our children from going to their academic hours, music, dance, sports, among many things. But, all this can be a source for stress in the little ones of the house what can be presented in not being able to sleep, sadness, little appetite, fatigue, apathy.

However, the stress in our children can also be caused by the emotional burden they have on us their parents, if at any time they hear the conversations we have about some situations that cause concern, we can be transmitting to their lives unsuspected stress. For example, in circumstances in which we live in Venezuela children are more often feeling stress, since they get involved in situations where they have lost their friends from school because they have had to leave the country. Personally I have observed how children spend their recreational hours alone, since they have not had their friends with whom they played football or because they feel fatigued by conversations that they hear daily in their homes.

Stress can be prevented in children through family interaction, demonstrating day by day that at home you have love, that you have a safe and stable home. Avoiding conversations of problems when the children are present, also having moments of leisure with them, a simple family dinner where there are conversations of joy, showing our children that they are more important than any circumstance. We must strengthen your self-esteem, as this will always help to eliminate this feeling from your life. It is also necessary to teach children how to deal with situations that cause frustration, through examples because this will help them to resolve the situation.

We must consider that not all stress is bad, since, there are pressures imposed by the same social development that the child has that will help him to be better every day and understand in this way that he needs to make the necessary decisions for the path he should follow When it is older. For example, school pressure will allow you to understand that you should get involved in your studies until you achieve the goal.

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