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People have aroused a protective instinct and help towards others, controlling the emotion factor and lending our intelligence to raise the options of possible solutions that require that person at that time. However, in order to help others, it is necessary to have clarity about what the other person needs, that is, to have the ability to detect what is needed, we can detect this through naivety when listening to the situations presented and this way stimulate sincerity and openness in what is being heard; to have an effective listening we must consider the following:

• Do not assume that you already know what the other wants. Often when we are in the process of conversation we believe that we know everything that others are expressing, without giving them the opportunity to finish the idea they are proposing; for that reason we must try to understand in the first place what we are listening to before commenting on what we do not understand.

• Encourages the issuer to extend. Communication truly begins when it is allowed to express both parties, giving priority to that person who needs to be heard; this way you can discover how you think and how you can provide the help you need.

• Listen carefully and clarify what is not understood. This will allow to understand with precision what the receiver is expressing, then giving the possible solutions or alternatives with respect to the situation already heard.

Always remembering that the words used can be very energy, intensity and conviction according to the way we express it and why not become genuine listeners capable of perceiving the precise environment to provide accurate solutions. Since, we have been able to relate everything that happens with the teachings provided by the environment itself.

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