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Hello friends, I hope you are well, you have wondered why we toast, the toast is the best known way in the world to celebrate many reasons of happiness, that moment when the glasses are clashing is a moment to express good wishes, through the centuries the toast is not lacking in any celebration, event or important moment although one of the versions because there are many, as a symbol of trust among the ancient Greeks is that the clash of the cups had the function of "splashing" and mixing the contents of both cups, especially between the monarchs and the nobles, who used these methods to eliminate rivals, to show that they did not offer any type of poisoned drink. Thus, if either of the two drinks contained poison, it would be distributed in both cups.


When it is said that offering health is a way of wishing health and well-being, there are different ways of providing each country with its tradition when making a toast, for example, in Germany a curious protocol is followed when it comes to providing: to avoid bad luck you have to look into the eyes of other diners while the lenses collide, which have to tinkle (the "tinkle" is the part that I like the most to my children). It is considered discourteous to cross the toasts of two couples forming a cross and under no circumstances should you fill your own cup or that of another person.

In Brazil it is customary to share the contents of the bottle, even if it is a simple beer, in any way and in the language in which the toast is made it is a symbol of happiness and you should never miss a toast to celebrate a moment of happiness , it is as if it were the seal or the beginning that something very good is to come, it can also be the end of something that disappears but without a toast it would not be the same.


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