Do not throw watermelon seeds

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Hello friends I hope they are well known are many seeds such as sunflower, papaya, pumpkin and others that bring many benefits to our body, but you knew that watermelon seeds are also part of the seeds with benefits , the main component of the shell of the seeds of watermelon is the fiber, and the seed that is in its interior stands out for its richness in nutrient.

I will not throw these seeds again, and the watermelon is really loaded with many benefits, but its seeds also:

  • Protect the health of the heart
  • Strengthens hair
  • Clean acne
  • Prevent aging
  • Regulates blood pressure and prevents coronary heart disease
  • Improves the immune system
  • Provides essential amino acids
  • Gives unsaturated fats healthy for the body

These seeds are a particularly useful ingredient for the treatment of diseases of the kidneys and the urinary tract. The use of fresh watermelon or tea seeds will remove stones and sand in the kidneys.

Recipe for watermelon seed tea:

Take 20 to 30 seeds of whiskers, grind them in the blender with two liters of water and boil them for 15 minutes. Consume it for two days and pause the third. Then repeat the procedure for several weeks, but it is always mandatory to take a break every third day.


Suggestion: If you are going to ingest the seeds, only consume a handful per week, these untreated seeds can cause gastric discomfort, so it is better to take small amount or ingest them after having dried them in the oven.

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