Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol II: It Does Absolutely Nothing Good For You

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My video, "Why I Stopped Drinking Alcohol And Will Never Drink Again" has gone quite viral.

Being a good anarcho-capitalist, and seeing that the market wants this content I decided to do another "walk n' talk" about alcohol with the surprisingly obedient anarchodogs today.

I reflected on 30 years, and $500,000, worth of drinking and came to the conclusion that alcohol did not improve any situation and only made it worse.

I reflected back and came to the realization that if I had just spent a few hours, or a few days, in dealing with some of my social and shyness issues I would have saved all that time, money and would have likely been a billionaire by now.

Not that money is everything... but alcohol cost me directly hundreds of thousands of dollars and indirectly, likely, hundreds of millions.

All just to make all my experiences less enjoyable, less connected, vague, blurry and, in many ways, rather pathetic.

Given that, I'd say I definitely paid too much!

You can hear all my thoughts on it and more here:

The good news is that I have finally shaken that monkey off my back and am still young and healthy enough to redo life. This time in a much more connected, authentic, memorable and healthy way. And all for the difficult to turn down price of $0.

Let's see, $500,000+ to make things worse? Or $0 to make things better.

I wish I knew that was the choice 30 years ago.

If you know anyone, including yourself, who could use some of this wisdom before it's too late, check out my video above and share it and follow me here on Steemit for more.

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Alcohol or the proper chemical name which makes it sound like the poison it is- ethanol, is the most harmful drug there is based on harm to the user, and harm to others. Even more harmful than methamphetamine, or heroin.



What a weird profile pic you have.


I very much doubt it's as bad as meth or heroin. You can casually do alcohol, I don't think you can casually do meth or heroin.


Look up the work of a doctor called David Nutt. He has talks on youtube. Here is one of his studies. Copy paste url/doi or pmid into sci hub for full article https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21036393
MCDA modelling showed that heroin, crack cocaine, and metamfetamine were the most harmful drugs to individuals (part scores 34, 37, and 32, respectively), whereas alcohol, heroin, and crack cocaine were the most harmful to others (46, 21, and 17, respectively). Overall, alcohol was the most harmful drug (overall harm score 72), with heroin (55) and crack cocaine (54) in second and third places.


You have good point. Good thing I decided to stop casual drinking. I only do it during occasions and I do it lightly. I quit smoking too. It's been almost 3 years since I last smoked.


Gd point sammy... Statistics show that there are more deaths attributed to Alcohol than Marijuana. Yet they classify weed as a Schedule 1 drug (same category as Heroin).

Interesting short video I found on the subject:


It is based on the likelihood that people will abuse it, obviously not the harm it causes.


I guess the only explanation is that the government is making money from Alcohol sales or something like that.


Wow .. All that chemistry !! and I just know how to say BEER :)


Wauw, almost dont alchol but wauw, i do smoke cannabis, and we had had a ghb epidemic in our town, i i can tel you that chart makes no sense, GHB should be upthere with alcohol.
•Fatal overdoses.
•Going comatose behind the wheel.
•Violent behavior
•More addictive then heroin
•whitdrawl worse than heroin (People die from quitting cold turkey, the police have to let them go if there is no doctor, they now have special GHB holding cells with a doctor apointed.

Link is in dutch maybe google translate it.



i knew you were dutch when you said wauw in stead of wow..
I don't see how cannabis can be so high in terms of harm to others, is that because of second hand smoke?
But cannabis by itself doesn't need to be smoked you can eat it as well.. i just don't see how cannabis can be a causal factor of violence or even traffic accidents or whatever, i think that's more the person using the cannabis rather then cannabis being a factor in that.

Me myself quit drinking alcohol when i was 17 and quit smoking weed when i was 24, now i'm completely drug free.


People just casually use GHB?


I know what you mean both of my Parents Died from their life long love of Alcohol


its sad they risk their health just for alcohol.Every thing that harms your health should avoid. Because life is much precious.


so I guess we should avoid life, as it is a cancer slowing killing us. Plenty of people drink Alcohol there whole lives and do not die from it, in fact some live longer then those who don't. Anyhow you could die at any moment, so don't live in fear. If you like drinking do it, if you like extreme sports, do it.




Yes you should not take this poison by self. Life is precious take care of it , enjoy it with good things that can make it long and happy.


Meanwhile, pot is still illegal here in Utah.


Alcohol is a drug.

It is classed as a depressant, meaning that it slows down vital functions—resulting in slurred speech, unsteady movement, disturbed perceptions and an inability to react quickly.


I can identify with this statistic unfortunately..... mney don't solve all your problems.

I like new theme of posts, more about life, less about politics!

Alcohol is the worst, weed gor the win.




True but sober is best, I enjoy remembering the enjoyable parts of life


We need a huge 420 community on here hehe

Best Regards Jeff, You are Indeed a Cool Example of Investigate All Things, And Keep What is Good


That's from the bible. 1 Thessalonians 5:21



I don't really know the bible very well. But i do know I like that 'turn of phrase'.

Another one i really like: In the beginning was the word, and the word was with and as God

On Another Note:

Who invented the English Alphabet? any idea? Because we could just say everything came from the Alpha Bet

You know, when you as an Alpha make a play...because a Good bet is always a strong play.

haha this is my cheeeese play overload the fromage

I used to drink a lot but as the years have gone on I have cut right back, it just takes too much out of me.

I pride myself on my intellect but the day after drinking I am to put it bluntly, dumber. It is even noticeable after just a few beers.

The cost of losing a whole day is rarely worth a few hours of fun


Agree with this, it can take me our for a week these days.

I used to drink and smoke like crazy..

You are totally right about this Jeff.

Thanks for sharing this!

I plan on never touching this stuff throughout my whole life. If living is suffering, then so be it. Dulling the senses won't make it any better.

I have never touched alcohol. I don't intend to. This is an interesting post regarding that which I have never touched.

My dear Sir. Smoking is also bad for your health. You have a great initiative of redoing your healthy habits. Salute you for that. Thanks for sharing this to us. Happy Sunday :0

Oh my God. I love this. Upvote and resteemed. Wisdom is costly. Not until now, I didn't know one can drink duplex, range Rover Jeep, estate etc in the name of alcohol. I have just calculated it in my local currency 15 years of taking just three bottles of bear daily. And it gave me 4 million plus. Unbelievable. Thanks Jeff.

Thank you for information Jeff.

This is really brillant and intelligent.Not all are willing to accept the thing in their life that continuously hurts them like you have. Im really proud of you. I dont take in alcohol but i have friends who do. Anytime we go out, thats all they take and right now they look older than me but we are of the same age. I will show your video to them and hopefully they can learn something from it and make that same wise decision you have made to focus on your life more. This is really inspiring and i hope those who are in the same boat take something from this. Thanks for sharing.

I dont drink either. Overall I think I never saw the allure. This supoosed belief "you have to" in social atmosoheres drive me crazy. Its a choice, why can't people respect it?

loss of health and money,good luck

Thank you for sharing your journey. As a teenage , I was reading "Toxic Parents: Overcoming Their Hurtful Legacy and Reclaiming Your Life" and my mom found the book in my drawer. She was angry and didn't talk to me for a long time. Both of my parents were alcoholic. Not only did they ruin their own lives but countless others. This is one of the topics I will be sharing as well.

Kudos to you for your strive to remove this toxicity from your life and others.

After the flood Noah planted grapes, made wine, got drunk and passed out in his tent naked. One of Noah's sons thought it was funny when he found his father and showed his brothers. The other two sons considered his naked drunkenness shameful and covered him up. There has been immeasurable damage to humankind because people have chosen to view drunkenness as funny rather than shameful.

Hello! I think I have seen an other post with similar title with you in last week haha! It seems that many people talk about alcohol in recently time I think. It is really a big matter for drinking alcohol? As all the food we eat are porsion and I do not think keep up drinking can improve the stitution.

I wish you the best of luck and can merely suggest there are programs out there to help you if you are willing to accept the help. They are proven to work and I'd love to see another member join

Alcohol is a symptom ... nothing else.

It's poison, yet its legal and other things are not! Crazy...

Congrats on your health🌞 I remember one of your live chats. I asked you if your background was real and you got up and opened up the sliding door LOL. Keep up the great work @jeffberwick

Congrats on quiting man. I havn't quit myself, but I've cut it down from 1 - 2 beers a night to about 1 - 2 a month. I feel great for it too :)


Its good habit if u have control upon you......

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yep, it's so sad that in America alcohol is legal but mj isn't, alcohol is definitely a large factor in many of the deaths of americans, so sad really.

Great post! For me it is also shyness and the set idea that "you can't have as much fun off as with alcohol". Guess it is in fact possible to do so and it might not even be that hard. Time to get to work on that. Have fun out there and good luck with your future posts!

Good post. Although I agree with many of your points I do not support all your conclusions. I really enjoyed the post though! Keep it up.

Couldnt agree more @jeffberwick good one . Eventhough I like some beer sometimes (especially when I grill ) your advise is always well received. Alcohol is a killer and destroys the liver and even kills more than most drugs and far worse than smoking joint. However due to tax money, it is legal and all cool with the law makers.
Following you and upvoted, very good post indeed, keep it up.

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A little cam trouble today. Sun glare was not great, but the video was excellent. Thanks Jeff...

Your experience is common in the world tody. People drink alcoholic as if is going to solve their problems but instead it will cause more problem to them and take away their life savings. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I know it will help a lot of people. Upvoted as usual. Keep it coming.

This is such great advice! Alcohol is only a cloak to cover up the sorrows or insecurities of one's life. It's an escape that's designed to make them feel better about their problems for one night, only to wake up to the regret of having to deal with them again. I'm not saying alcohol is completely bad by any means. It's good to hangout with friends and drink every now and then and socialize. But if you're getting blackout drunk every weekend or spending hundreds of dollars on alcohol a week, there's a problem. Instead, how about using that money to improve your health, workout, start a new hobby, save up for a vacation, etc. People treat alcohol like this wonder drug and act like they have to drink all the time because it's the "cool" thing the do. I've driven plenty of people home because I was the designated driver, and I can tell you, alcohol does not make you "cool". So instead, use that money/distraction for something positive, and reap the rewards of a much healthier and prosperous life. Thanks for sharing :)

Making the right decision at an early age will prevent future problems. You're awesome

How can i sleep myself up then? Without booze i mean.

Having the willpower to take that decisive action of abstinence is key.
Thanks for sharing @jeffberwick

Beer has a lot of benefits


I am torn. Beer does indeed have many benefits -- way to many lol. i would like to have greater control over my life with regards to drinking but, huh? What? Can i give up drinking whisky?

It's hard to argue with the logic presented. This post has made me take a quick glance in the mirror and for that i am appreciative.


I am happy for you man! Try to be positive


bro nice to see u on steemit ..lets boom it follow me too bro
im also following u ok


Perhaps in small doses but in the quantities many people drink now, it is does more harm than good.


@jeffberwick I don't you think you should be hating on just alcohol. What about soft drinks? They contain substances that definitely do not belong in a human, and have no health benefits whatsoever.


have u noticed bro ...in beer about poison 19% most of beer ....maybe some good beer without poison (alcohol) available ..i dont know ...



nice video and message. like the personal touch u give us, plz keep it up.

I watched that video of you walking in Montana, made a lot of sense. Its good u stopped smoking and drinking. (500K) That's lots of money down the drain. I love your dogs in this video. Keep up the good work buddy, wish u all the best

very great story.....nice....deserve my upvote and resteem... :)

I don't drink alcohol.

Heh. Suit yourselves. Ain't giving up my glass of wine. :)

well what do u think about weed?


He made a post earlier about how it could save the world.

Congratulations @jeffberwick!
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I confess i still consume alcohol.. in fact i am having a beer while i am typing this.. Yes i agree that alcohol is not cool, Yet... any thing abused, and i will take food for instance will have detrimental effects on the human body. In fact the WHO should have spent their millions on banning alcohol before nicotine... Alcohol kills more.. Physically and socially... But good for you man you have conquered something in your life and made a turn around for the good. Thanks for the post and keep us updated !!!

Great post as always, my take on this is that a lot of people use alcohol as a coping mechanism. They have been brainwashed into believing alcohol is a cure after lets say a stressful day at work. This is however not the case. Our brains can be trained in using anything as a coping mechanism why not turn that 'need a beer after work' to oh I need to go for a run after work.

It's looks beautiful there, very mountainous,dogs look happy now your home.
Pretty cool how they listen well.

I can relate. I used to drink heavily as well in my mid-20s and into 30s, and one day it just hit me: if I continue like this, the outcome will not be pretty. The body will eventually give up and sickness will be the result.

Since that day, the only beverage I would allows myself is a non-alcoholic brew like O-douls or non-alcoholic Becks.

There is a surprising amount of new non-alcoholic brews around now compared to a few years ago.

Congratulations on kicking the habit man!

Alcohol is not exclusively a terrestrial matter. Astronomers found out there is a lot alcohol in space as well.
Every year in the U.S., roughly 5,000 people under the age of 21 die from an alcohol-related incident including car crashes, homicides, suicides, alcohol poisoning and other related injuries.

Nice video sir we really need to know about health

I enjoy following you and I love what you post. To answer your question, mine is unhealthy food.

I quit drinking in the late 90s now if I can kick the carbohydrates, way overweight.

why peoples drinks alcohol?

As I sit here celebrating Canada Day with a Margarita in my hand I have to ask...

Knock knock?
Who's there?
no juan
lol because he couldn't get past the wall... xD

sorry please feel bad for me and upvote I want to be able to by stuff in CS:go and AQW so if you play those games reply to me and we should chat xD <3

I went camping a while back and this old man was like is Alcohol Poisoning a real thing? because no ones ever went to the hospital and asked to be checked in due to Alcohol poisoning. like how do they diagnose it...

This is for the better!

I totally agree with you @jeffberwick alcohol will just gonna poison our body. I would highly appreciate if you can take time to visit my first post intro. Looking forward to meeting new friends :)


$800 in 30 mins is worth giving up the drink!! LOL!!

Good job!

I think its great you get another chance and that you decided to pay it forward by telling your personal story to help others. Life is to short to let the enemy take control of your body, mind and spirit. Many blessings to you and I pray that it continues to work out for you!

I start drinking alcohol several years ago for health reasons. Alcohol is a drug that destroys Peoples lives, I don't even drink a beer or wine or the hard stuff. my drink of choice is all natural juices and a lot of water which does a body good. Upvoted as usual. Keep it coming. Jeff

Congratulations on winning the battle with alcohol.

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I’ve had ‘issues’ while posting under the influence, so I can’t image anyone finding success with Steemit while drinking. Drunk posts anyone? “Well, that escalated quickly!” Destroying all your hard work in a single day. It’s bad enough talking to girls online/sober without sounding like a sex-fiend :p

In 1995 near the constellation Aquila, a cloud of alcohol was discovered 1000 times larger than the diameter of our solar system. It has enough ethyl alcohol to fill 400 trillion trillion pints of beer. To consume that much alcohol, every person on earth would have to drink 300,000 pints each day, for one billion years! Scientists agree, alcohol is an organic compound: the building blocks of life.

Thanks @jeffberwick for your insights! I watched the intire Video and i'm glad i did! Actually i was drinking beer and Smoking cigarettes, Coming from work and relaxing but i know its Not Good? Anyways, in my spiritual life i know all These things about the mammon, about control about being brainwashed. I cannot give you the upvote behause my iPhone cannot manage it, But you've got the upvote of my heart and at least a resteem ! And, i think i can do better! Funny thing: when i started the video you got 8 votes, when i had finnished it you already had over 200! So be blessed! And stay steemed! With Love, unity & abundance! Holger

I drank for 28 years, stopped 10 years ago mainly because the hang overs were horrible and my liver would get hard, also I couldn't eat anything. This just made me decide to quit I think you say cold turkey. Luckily I mostly drank beer if I had been into hard liquor maybe it would have taken me. I do miss a beer when it gets awfuly hot but I get over it.

Yes! Alcohol is a silent killer.

STRONG man, more light your way COURAGE!

@jeffberwick Great Job! Probably a wise choice! For me it is more/less food...It's not like I have an eating disorder or am terribly obese, but I am looking at down the road if I continue in that directions. I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle in many areas and share my results and research along the way! Keep it up!

Life is about balance, and I believe alcohol can be drunk in a measured manner. I beer after work won't harm anyone, but the urge to drink 10 more after the first one will. I have to agree with you, the cons list is so much longer than the pros and with age hangovers are getting no easier to handle!

For many users, alcohol (like many substances) is used as a coping strategy for the harsh realities we live. I take a neutral stance on the consumption of alcohol and other drugs since I believe the consequences of abusing such substances may be on par with those of banning them altogether.

Good thing that you help people see through their addictions. I believe your videos are quite good, but wonder, can you make a 5 min long compilation of the most inspiring parts of the video? That would reallly make things easier timewise :)

Alcohol kills people slowly

One should be done about smoking too...Congrats on stopping!

my father drank alot since my birth.. it caused me so much emotional stress and i caught so much verbal abuse that i have alot of mental illness and phyc problems to deal with.. your life is really about the people around you . so why tear all that down and leave such a mark on some for the rest of there life.. stay sober dood. i wish i could see my dad sober. guess it wont ever happen.:(


The awkward moment that alcohol is legal while marijuana is not...alcohol kills while marijuana doesn't. The main ingredient to make beer is a distant cousin of marijuana...😐

I recently found sobriety... I feel great! Thanks for the story and life lessons! followed and upvoted.

Good for you, man! Almost makes me want to dump this glass of wine. Lol


almost haha


Yeah... I should follow his advice. Just one more night😉

Awesome, I've had the same experience with the drink 🍹 How liberating is it when perceptions Of our reality begin to change when we stop using substance for counterfeit emotions

Alcohol and smoking both are harmful to body and wallet. Very good choice ^_^

Congrats on quitting drinking! You are absolutely right on message. Keep it up, Jeff!

Nice message, thanks for sharing. No alcohol more life

Yes, I remember my Dad, when he had drunk, everyday our family get disturbance. Mom fights with my Father. Thanks God, now my father is not drinking.

If it would of been Cannabis you probably would of been much better off than drinking alcohol!

Its right brother. Drinking alkohol just make your mind blank and dangerous for your health.

Yes i am sober and straight 4 years 8 months and i really like the difference -- life is better without seeking oblivion

I like beer

Just destroys inner body parts without knowing, Better avoid these type of things!

That is quite a bit, roughly $16,000 a year and $1,300 a month. I can't even imagine it. Anyhow, I'm glad you're off it and doing well.

Thats exactly why i quit smoking , it does absolutely nothing good for you. Cost money , deteriorates your health. No pros. I cut back drinking to having 1 or 2 socially. eventually i will quit. I tried the fasting and its awesome , feel more energized and clear.

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I would would agree and disagree. Basically I agree with all the points you're making. But there is a time and a place for alcohol sadly it's been extremely abused and the quality of alcohol on the market is so poorly made. I think as a society we don't need to get rid of alcohol just need to change our relationship with it. Make great quality alchohal and use it in an intentional setting and I think it will be more like a medicine and not a poison

I just love that your dogs follow you the entire time...great video man thank you.